June 8, 2021:

Everything by or from the left is FAKE (lies, counterfeit, cheating, this time the CCP) – No matter where in the world you check, I know, that is because so many of their ideas are fucking stupid and inferior:

Fake economy growth of China, real estate bubble boosts China economic figures, economy growth rate

Video: China Observer


11 parliaments move to boycott China’s Olympics; Microsoft appears to censor 1989 tank man image

Video: China in Focus – NTD

June 7, 2021:

DeSantis signs bills combatting Chinese influence in U.S.

June 5, 2021:

China Launches Three Child Policy

June 4, 2021:

China should be disarmed by imposing tariffs and economic sanctions, CCP is clearly out of control:

China prepares for ‘intense showdown’ with US

Video: Fox Business

June 1, 2021:

I have had my last Snickers!!

Remember the baby formula that made Chinese babies sick, some even died. If they can mix in poison in food for babies, imagine the kind of shit they will be mixing into chocolate bars (cheap or free stuff they can use as filling to replace ingredients that cost money to increase the weight and make it look and taste like there’s more chocolate than if they only use the legal ingredients according to the receipt) to make more money ..:

Australians Threaten Snickers Boycott After TikTok Video Reveals Chocolate Bar Is Now Made In China


China’s Xi may be screwing up as badly as Biden, maybe even worse

Make China pay the West for protection against CCP like China makes the West and America pay for their military buildup, corruption and crimes through cheap, 3-grade, unsafe products, slave labor, market and currency manipulation:

Newt Gingrich lays out plan to handle China’s ‘cold war’ against US

Video: Fox News


You can’t make this shit up ..

Leftist incompetence and stupidity: The CCP wants Chinese people to have more children, children who will grow up to be abused, prosecuted without cause, tortured and murdered (for no or any reason):

China announces families can have three children

May 29, 2021:

Mike Lee is obviously not criticizing the Chinese people, but the policies of the multinational criminal organization called the CCP:

Mike Lee Outlines Differences In American And Chinese Values, Societal Structure

Video: Forbes Breaking News


China faces major decline in birthrate, confirms report

China uses Uyghur forced labour to make solar panels, says report

Wuhan Flood, Whole Gale, Hail, & Sudden Darkness | Extreme Weather in China

Video: China Observer

Pretending to Be Arrested Is the Latest Craze in China

Video: China Uncensored


“Keep As Much Money As You Can”: Hunter Biden Disclosures Offer New Details On His Chinese Financial Dealings And Associations

Why China’s future does not look bright

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID In 2015 ‘To Cause Enemy’s Medical System To Collapse’

What a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Mean For Australia

China Is a Paper Dragon

Rubio: China Has ‘Deputized’ American Businesses to Push for China-Friendly Policies, Apple’s Cook Can’t Speak Freely about China