50 years of failed apocalyptic predictions

Image: World has six months to avert climate crisis, says energy expert

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Thanks to Tony Heller, who first collected many of these news clips & posted them on: RealClimateScience.

If you a hardcore refuter of doomsday predictions, you can click in THIS LINK and you can explore a collection of Tony’s climate alarmism lies going back 80 YEARS!!

I have put the more climate focused predictions that give more attention to recent fails here at THIS LINK

The latest addition to the list is the fake Covid19 pandemic, or as I like to call it, the the Covid1984 pandemic (due to to the draconian, Orwellian measures taken by governments around the world to facilitate globalist social architects). I will cover it it properly once hysteria is over but as you will discover here in this link, this will be looked back as a fake pandemic even though this practically harmless virus which we have all had for years is real.

For serious researchers I have compiled everything anyone could possibly want to know about the globalist agenda conveniently right here

Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.
None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.
What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.
More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science.
While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.

I have even taken the liberty of projecting forward one single anticipated failed future apocalyptic prediction, a comet strike, which I believe you will find usefull to put on the back burner when they eventually try to pull it.


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