Trump greeted with fierce bear hug from Javier Milei backstage at CPAC

Published February 25, 2024

‘He’s a great gentleman … he said ‘I am Maga’ then I realized these are the few [who] can really do it,’ former president says

Donald Trump was greeted by Argentinian President Javier Milei with a massive bear hug backstage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Trump aide Dan Scavino Jr tweeted a clip of the interaction shortly before 4pm on Saturday, when both Mr Trump and Mr Milei spoke at the conference.

Mr Trump welcomed Mr Milei during his speech, saying “we have a tremendous group of dignitaries, leaders, world leaders and local leaders … from all over the world people with us right now at this moment in the room and just mentioned … [the] President of Argentina who’s gotten a lot of publicity”.

“He’s a great gentleman … he said ‘I am Maga’ then I realized these are the few [who] can really do it,” he added. “We’ll make Argentina great again – Javier Milei – Thank you very much.”

President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador spoke at CPAC on Friday, meaning that two of Latin America’s top rightwing populists joined the conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

Other rightwing leaders, such as Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, have spoken at the conference in previous years. This year also saw former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss join the event.

Mr Milei hosted US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Buenos Aires on Friday just a few hours before the president was flying to the US to speak at CPAC.

The Argentinian leader is courting both the current and previous administrations as the US could be important to the success of his own administration as the chainsaw-wielding, dog-cloning eccentric character tries to pull his nation out of a deep economic crisis.

The US is the largest foreign investor in Argentina and the third-largest trading partner – in addition to wielding the most influence over the International Monetary Fund, to which the South American nation of 46 million people owes $40bn.



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Rightwing leaders embrace at US conservative conference between speeches

Javier Milei, right, and Donald Trump shake hands at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in the US on Saturday © Argentina’s Presidency Press Office/AFP/Getty Images
Published February 25, 2024

Argentina’s libertarian leader Javier Milei and former US president Donald Trump have met for the first time, celebrating a shared goal of combating socialism even as Milei courts support from the Biden administration for his economic plan.

Trump and Milei, who have previously traded friendly messages on social media, both addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in the US state of Maryland on Saturday.

“He’s Maga. Make Argentina Great Again,” Trump said of Milei in his speech. “I realised he’s one of the few who can really do it well.”

In a video of the two leaders meeting backstage, posted on X by a Trump adviser, an exuberant Milei thanks the former president “for all [his] work” and says: “I hope to see you again and the next time I hope you will be president.”

Milei, a political outsider who won the 2023 election on a pledge to solve the country’s dire economic crisis, has said the US will be one of Argentina’s main allies under his government. He badly needs support from the US, the largest stakeholder in the IMF, as the fund weighs whether to lend more money to Argentina, already its largest debtor, to support Milei’s reforms.

The day before his meeting with Trump, Milei hosted US state secretary Antony Blinken in Buenos Aires.

At a press conference after the meeting, Blinken praised Milei’s efforts to stabilise the economy, which centre on slashing spending to eliminate the fiscal deficit at the root of Argentina’s 250 per cent inflation, as “​​absolutely vital.” He said he “could not be more pleased” with their meeting.

Asked about Milei’s plans to meet Trump, Blinken said: “That’s, of course, up to him.”



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Published February 25, 2024

President Trump and Argentina’s President Javier Milei exchanged pleasantries and took photos together backstage at CPAC on Saturday.

Milei walked right up to Trump and gave him a bear hug.


President Milei was all smiles as he posed next to Trump.



Milei received a rock star when he took the stage on Saturday.







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