A Coordinated Attempt to Conduct a Complete Overthrow of the American Free Market

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By America Out Loud

Time is running out. Sort of like when you look into the side view mirror of your automobile and printed on the mirror’s surface is the warning, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

Well, we are indeed getting very close. What’s currently going on in America right now has been an effort that has been underway for many decades. And with just a little imagination, one can envision a small hammer and sickle imprinted on the car’s mirror, along with the warning about things being closer than they appear.

What is happening in America is nothing less than a coordinated and choreographed attempt to conduct a complete overthrow of the American free market, and the capitalist system, and replace it with a Marxist-Communist totalitarian form of government. To quote Barack Hussein Obama, nothing less than a “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.

Our enemies in Communist China have been hard at work since at least the early 1970s during the Nixon Administration ⏤ when then-President Richard Nixon made his famous diplomatic overtures toward the Chinese Communist nation. Indeed, a noble effort on Nixon’s part to try to reduce tensions and open up trade and international cooperation with Communist China, but also a perfect example of the law of unintended consequences.

The Chi-Comms took advantage of the diplomatic opening and subsequently infiltrated every aspect of American society. Much of our American university system has fallen under the influence of the Communist Chinese. Along with much of our business community that is vested financially in China to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

Our news media, for the most part, falls in line with China’s wishes and refuses to report on Chinese internal issues like their abysmal human rights record and their atrocities against minorities, or the Chinese efforts that are directed against our own nation.

Even our politicians have fallen under the control and influence of the Chinese Communist Party. Ask Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell or Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein, both who had a Chinese spy connection. Feinstein’s driver, and Swalwell’s paramour were determined to be spies for communist China.

Even Joe Biden and his family, for that matter, whose Chinese entanglements are now being uncovered. In fact, there’s a reasonable argument to be made that the entire Democrat Party itself has fallen under the sway of communist influence, and is much more of an arm of the Communist Party USA, than the party of JFK.

I’m old enough to remember back during the administration of then-President Richard Nixon ⏤ when a large demographic of American society was referred to as the “Silent Majority.” Just ordinary Americans who, for the most part, lived quiet, unassuming lives. They followed the rules, obeyed the law, and respected the police and the military. They did their best to provide for their families, prosper as best they could, and pursue the American dream ..

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