‘A gift from Kim Jong-un’: Uproar as North Korean soldiers given a new diet by their leader, which causes a mass outbreak of diarrhea thanks to ‘strange smelling’ sandfish

  • Food including sandfish and soup was delivered amid concerns about poor diet
  • The sandfish is reported to have smelled ‘strange’ and soup contained sand
  • Kim is understood to have wanted his troops to ‘not envy a Chinese person’ by upgrading their diet
  • It has affected border troops in the North Korean army 

North Korea’s border guards have been struck by a mass outbreak of diarrhea, after Kim Jong-un decided their diet needed improving.

Soldiers are reported to be cynically describing the unpleasant illness as a ‘gift from Kim Jong-un’ – with strange smelling sandfish believed to be the cause.

It is claimed that Kim ordered army chiefs to give them better quality meals ‘so that they would not envy a Chinese person’.

But UPI reports that sand was found in soup stock, and Japanese sandfish delivered for soldiers had a ‘strange smell’.

It is the sandfish which is believed to have made the troops ill.

A source in the North Hamgyong province told Radio Free Asia: ‘Under the direction of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s people’s armed forces increased the supply of materials to improve the diet of border guard soldiers.

‘However, diarrhea has spread among soldiers who consumed the new food supply and is causing an uproar.’

It has been supplied since the start of the month, when winter training began for the military.

Soldiers are cynically describing the outbreak as 'a gift from Kim Jong-un', it has been reported

Soldiers are cynically describing the outbreak as ‘a gift from Kim Jong-un’, it has been reported

Ref.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4061058/A-gift-Kim-Jong-Uproar-North-Korean-soldiers-given-new-diet-leader-causes-mass-outbreak-diarrhea-thanks-strange-smelling-sandfish.html


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