Al Gore – Who Lives In Giant Mansion That Uses 34 Times More Energy Than Average Home – Attacks Oil Sands On Twitter

Hypocrite fool.

Former US Vice President, failed Presidential candidate, and noted hypocrite Al Gore is attacking the oil sands on Twitter, showing once again how anti Canadian-energy groups are often pushing sentiment that actually originates outside of our country, rather than representing true Canadian public opinion.

“The Kinder Morgan pipeline carrying dirty tar sands oil would be a step backward in our efforts to solve the climate crisis. I stand with , and all of the Canadians – including the First Nations – who are fighting to stop this destructive pipeline. 

Gore’s tweet purposely ignores the fact that tons of First Nations support the pipeline, and the vast majority of Canadians, including the majority of BC residents, support the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Also note how he uses the term “tar sands,” instead of the actual term of “oil sands.”

Total hypocrisy

While Al Gore lectures everybody about what industries he will allow and how much energy we can use, it turns out that he’s a massive hypocrite.

It turns out that his giant Nashville mansion uses a shocking 34 times more energy than the average home.

Just like David Suzuki, Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, and the other virtue-signalling hypocrites, Gore thinks he should be able to force the rest of us to live by rules he exempts himself from.

This is how we can see that their real agenda isn’t about the environment. It’s about finding an excuse to gain control and power while enriching themselves.

So, Canada shouldn’t be listening to millionaire elitist hypocrites like Gore. Instead we should be standing up for our Canadian energy and building prosperity for the Canadian people with projects like the Kinder Morgan expansion.

Spencer Fernando

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