ALERT – FBI Report Confirms The WORST About Vince Foster’s Death, It’s BAD

After reading this article my mind startet to drift away to Argentina’s past, is this how it will be, what’s in store for America with #Hilloccio as the dictator?

Article from ETF News

One of the mysterious deaths linked to Hillary Clinton, that of Vince Foster, whose death was ruled a suicide, was investigated by the FBI, and it revealed something horrifying—and pointed to another story.

Foster allegedly killed himself in a national park with a gun, and authorities investigated the area with metal detectors to find the bullet. They found several, but none of them belonged to Foster’s gun, as per Red State Watcher.

Vince Foster was a close friend and former law partner of Hillary Clinton, and he was a Deputy White House Counsel member during Bill Clinton’s administration.

Foster is believed to have “shot himself” with a .38 caliber revolver at Fort Marcy Park near the Potomac River in July 1993. Strangely, Bill Clinton ordered park rangers to investigate the murder instead of the FBI.

The FBI got involved anyway and issued reports that linked Hillary Clinton to Foster’s suicide. This report mysteriously disappeared from the National Archives.

According to the former FBI agents of that time, they claimed that days before his death, Hillary Clinton, the then first lady, ridiculed Foster in front of his peers. She said things like, “You have failed us.”

FBI agents conducted investigations of the area thoroughly, searching for the bullet, bone fragments, and blood in the soil, but they didn’t find any of that relating to this case. Funny, considering people who kill themselves don’t get to clean up their crime scenes.

This could mean that upon disappointing Hillary Clinton or knowing too much, she had Vince Foster killed somewhere else, and then someone dumped his body in Fort Macy Park. That’s why there’s no blood or bone fragments, and no one would just clean up a suicide for no reason.

And, as other reports indicate, there was a second bullet wound that could have killed him in his neck in addition to the wound that went through his mouth and into his brain. Not to mention that the lead investigator of the case, Miguel Rodriguez, submitted his resignation after Foster’s death.

Rodriguez resigned because of the evidence that was being overlooked and the rush of judgement that ruled it as a suicide and therefore closed the investigation. In the letter, he mentions the original photographs of the wound on Foster’s neck.

“At meetings and via memoranda, I specifically indicated my disagreement that there existed ‘overwhelming evidence’ that Foster committed suicide where he was found at Ft. Marcy Park,” Rodriguez wrote to Kenneth Starr in his resignation letter.

This death was quickly covered up, despite the evidence that pointed to more than suicide. This is what Hillary Clinton does—she gets rid of people and then covers it up. The American people cannot allow this person to become the next president, or more deaths like this will continue to happen.

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