Andrew Bolt Attacked – BOLT: ‘Time these fascists were the victims instead of conservatives. So don’t give me pity. Give me the thumbs up.’

Thugs Jump TV Star… Learn Hard Way He Doesn’t “Do Running And Hiding”

A conservative commentator and television star in Australia was the target of a surprise attack by leftist thugs, but he refused to be a victim and fought back in a way the thugs most likely were not expecting.

According to Australia’s News Corp., Sky News anchor Andrew Bolt was at an Italian restaurant in Melbourne to take part in the launch of a book about President Donald Trump’s election when he was attacked by two men with a third associate recording the incident.

Bolt donned his reporter hat and reported the assault himself on his program — “The Bolt Report” — and delivered a rather humorous play-by-play commentary on both the attack and his rather surprising response — for the thugs at least — to his ideological foes.

After explaining how he had been approached by a woman seeking a selfie with him, Bolt then described how two masked men sprayed some sort of glittery and sticky liquid at him, prompting him to fight back, according to Sky News.

“Two masked protesters then jumped me, spraying me in the face and all over my suit with some sticky liquid with some glitter and dye,” Bolt recounted. “Bad luck for them, of course, I don’t do ‘running and hiding.’”

Playing the security camera footage of the incident, Bolt took time to pause the video and highlight the three men involved in the attack on him, asking the public to contact police with any information they may have on the identities of his assailants.

“Police are now looking for this young man, who will have a big bruise on the left side of his face and another bruise between his legs, for which I apologize, I guess, but I don’t really fight nice if I’m pushed too far,” Bolt explained .

He then proceeded to highlight the second man, who he claimed ran away too fast for him to catch, as well as a third man — who wasn’t wearing a mask or hood, but instead was recording the attack. Bolt said that third man had hung around outside the restaurant for a half hour prior to the assault.

In a separate blog post to the Melbourne Herald Sun, Bolt shared the video with a short description that stated, “Watch the fascist Left attack me and get clobbered.”

“Luckily the cameras do not capture me kicking one between the legs,” he added jokingly. “I cannot have my children see me acting like a thug.”

Bolt again urged anyone who may be able to identify the three men involved in the attack on him to contact the Melbourne police with that information.

This is pretty funny, and most likely was the last response the leftist thugs were expecting to receive when they attempted to jump the reporter.

If more people on the right adopted Bolt’s “I don’t do running and hiding” attitude and stood up to the leftist thugs here in America trying to silence conservatives and violently force left-wing policies on everyone, those liberal fascists may not feel so bold anymore. They might even cease their physical assaults on conservatives who simply state their beliefs in public, which has happened far too many times over the past year or two.



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