Another Bombshell Your Main Stream Media Is Not Telling You: Strong Probable Cause To Indicate That The FISA Court Was Also Biased And Corrupt

Keith Davies
Political Correspondent

Sharryl Attkisson a prominent investigative journalist, who herself was illegally wire tapped by the Obama administration because of her work on the Benghazi scandal has just published an article in The website which exposes big questions not just on the FBI but on the FISA court itself.

What we know is that the initial FISA application in June 2016 against Team Trump was turned down. We also know that Judge Rudolph Contreras was the probable grantor of the FISA warrant in October 2016 as he was FORCED to recuse himself without explanation in the General MIchael Flynn FBI lying case . We also now know that Judge Rudolph Contreras is a Obama appointee.

Federal Judge Rudolph Contreras

These are just hints, but the real news is the “Woods Rules” which are the STRICT rules used to a grant a warrant to spy on an American on American soil. The key rule is that all information needs to have FULL VERIFICATION. We know from the information now in the public domain that the FBI and DOJ did not provide the court with any verifiable information to the court (as the FBI admitted to the court itself) and depended largely on the phony Steele Dossier to attain the warrant which had already been denied probably under a different FISA judge in June 2016. The FBI again lied about a yahoo article that was also sourced from Steele Dossier but was used to try to verify the information in the actual phony dossier. It is hard to believe that any judge would use accepy a Yahoo story to verify an intelligence report. We also know from later public testimony in January 2017 from James Comey the former FBI Director that he publicly confirmed that the dossier was “unconfirmed and salacious,” This proves the dossier would not have qualified as a document that could have been used to gain a warrant in the FISA court which it was granted by FISA court on October 19, 2016. What is even more incredulous is that the FISA warrants were extended till around May or June 2017 which is several months into the Trump Presidency and AFTER the public knowledge that the dossier was phony.

Judge Contreras being a Federal Judge and a very experienced lawyer would have known that the evidence presented to him was not good enough to provide a warrant to spy on Team Trump. Unless there was other evidence that was presented to the court that was verifiable other than a “Yahoo News verification” then there is no doubt that this Judge was biased or at best incompetent.

Congress needs to see the FISA court transcripts on all the Trump related warrants and after that they need to investigate the FISA court for all other cases involving American citizens going back at least 30 years which includes the Presidencies of Barrack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and even possibly George H W Bush. In 1978 the FISA court was set up for the issue we are now having, so it appears that the FISA court itself is party to major abuses with probable bias now having taken place. It also appears that there are a significant number of rogue intelligence agents that have and continue to break the rules to illegally spy on American citizens. Sheryl Atkinsson has brought a lawsuit suing the FBI and Department of Justice for the breach of her first and fourth amendment rights with regards to wire taps done against her during the time after the Benghazi attack of September 11, 2012 .

The question Americans need to ask is are we willing to continue to accept this Gestapo type behaviour from our government, or will we clean house and bring back fair and constitutional processes back to our government.



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