Another One Bites The Globalist Dust – Italian Nationalists Defeat PM Renzi

In case the EU, UN and anti-American oligarchs around the globe haven’t noticed, they’re being soundly rejected by movements in all of those nations they have marked for conquest. In Britain, the United States, and now Italy and soon France, the boots of global fascism are being repelled in favor of national identity, sovereignty and determination. Freedom is becoming popular again.

The latest evidence came Sunday in a referendum in Italy on the structure of their government, one which would have upset the balance between the Senate and Parliament and transferred power to the Parliament. Italian PM Matteo Renzi demanded its approval and proclaimed that a loss on his part in the Sunday election would result in his resignation.

The vote to consolidate more power in the central government and remove it from the regional component wasn’t even close, with early results indicating that Renzi may have lost by as much as 20 points. He’s already issued a statement has said he will resign on Monday afternoon.

Renzi said in a televised Sunday address, “The experience of my government ends here,” acknowledging full responsibility for the “extraordinarily clear” defeat. He will convene his cabinet for the last time on Monday afternoon. He will then submit his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella.

Projections so the vote was roughly 60-40 against the Renzi proposal. Renato Brunetta, the parliamentary leader of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Forza Italia party said, “Renzi is going to go and with him the powerful lobbies who were also defeated.” Matteo Salvini, who leads the Northern League Party, expressed his view that Renzi should resign, “in the coming minutes”, as he called for early elections. Elections must be held by the Spring of 2018 under a coalition government or sooner if an acceptable caretaker coalition cannot be crafted.

Comedian, television star and leader of the Five Star movement, Beppe Grillo was instrumental in creating the inertia that ultimately drove yet another would-be slave master and tool of centralized controllers from office.

In addition to an upcoming election in France in which there will be a new president elected to replace the current socialist Francoise Hollande, one in which the solidly right, anti-invasion National Front candidate Marine Le Pen is expected to do quite well, there will also be elections in Germany. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and chief protagonist head of state behind the EU’s Islamic invasion also faces an upcoming election in the  Fall of 2017. She’s already moving to declare opposition voices to her tyranny as hate speech, a move that will, from all appearances, be too little too late to save her globalist bacon.

Freedom, self-determination and nationalism are making a comeback after the New World Order advocates overplayed their filthy hands in the invasion and attempted simultaneous attempted coups around the world.




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