Another Solar Company Folds

By Paul Homewood

A sign of the times. Dave Ward spotted this in his local paper:


The address actually belongs to a firm of solicitors, which is presumably handling the winding up. The company was based to the east of Norwich.

However, when Dave looked for more detail on Renewable Technologies (UK) Ltd, he found this on their website:




According to Solar Guide, Renewable Technologies (UK) Ltd specialised in Domestic and Business Solar PV (Electricity), stating:

Renewable Technologies Ltd are a commercial and residential solar PV and electrical contractor. We have installed over 1500 residential systems and over 1.5 MW of on roof commercial systems. We employ all our own highly trained staff and our products are sourced direct from manufacturer. We provide a 10 year guarantee as standard covering parts and labour.

We only use quality products and have excellent references, our clients include many district councils, schools, and large PLC companies. We do not hard sell.. we offer a great quality service at good prices with excellent warranty backup. We are fully accredited and install nationwide.

It is sad whenever anybody loses their job, but there will be many other cases like this one, up and down the country. And all will have been caused by the market distorting subsidies introduced in the first place.

Meanwhile, customers are left in the lurch. One wonders how many will lose deposits, or be left with unfinished work. Meanwhile, the 10-year guarantee is completely worthless.




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