Are Official US Temperature Graphs Credible?

Image: Coral Extinction Crisis Canceled – New Study Documents Billions of Coral Colonies

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Video: Tony Heller
The US was much warmer prior to 60 years ago, but reality wrecks political agendas – so NOAA and NASA tamper with the data to create a non-existent warming trend


The Boston Globe Is Right, Climate Change Is Not Causing Increases in Extreme Weather

Where is global warming’s missing heat coming from? Part-3

No Mention Of CO2: New Study Shows African Climate Variability Strongly Linked To Natural Cycles

America’s light usage reveals insanity of relying on weather-dependent wind & solar

Guardian’s Chinese Disinformation Campaign

The Climate Change Obsession Is A Cult

Media’s Crafty Coverage Of Cold Weather

.. and of course, Beijing Joe didn’t win the election, President Trump did!!

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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