Are we suffering global cooling?

By Martin Marcus – American Thinker

The east coast of the United States just endured a rare spring snowstorm.  How could this happen when NASA is constantly announcing that we have record high temperatures?

Advocates of the global warming theory have been predicting rising temperatures since around 1983.  Available data indicated no such trend, so these advocates found reasons to adjust past temperatures downward.  People who remembered the 1930s as being the hottest decade of their lifetimes were ignored.  If people witness spring snowstorms, should they be ignored, too?

Recent scientific work predicts that the Sun’s output will diminish in our lifetimes.  Valentina Zharkova, et al., here and here, estimate that we will have an ice age from about 2020 to 2053.

The theory about ice ages is simple.  Do you remember when your science teacher would rap two tuning forks against a table?  They would make two tones plus a periodic lull, which your teacher called a beat.  Zharkova believes that the Sun has two resonances and that they sometimes cause a beat.  The last beat that we observed, the Maunder Minimum, was from 1645 to 1715.  It accompanied a climatic episode known as the “Little Ice Age” (LIA).

How did Zharkova investigate this theory?  She derived an equation to describe the theory.  She then fitted the constants with sunspot data over a recent 33-year period.  She then extrapolated back 3,000 years and compared the Sun’s activity to Earth temperatures and found that they correlate.  She then extrapolated forward and predicted an upcoming mini-ice age.  This is how a professional scientist works.

In contrast, the global warming advocates made a theory and fudged data to fit it.  They extrapolated it forward, waited a few decades, then saw that it disagreed with data.  They then made excuses.  They are not acting as scientists.

We should focus on Zharkova’s theory to see if we should prepare for a repeat of the “Little Ice Age.”  Future generations will know if we made the right decision.  It would be embarrassing if future historians say about us, “Those twenty-first-century people prepared for global warming in the middle of an ice age.  jWhat a bunch of idiots.”


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