Arizona Governor Ducey Does It Again – Sides with Biden and Fellow RINOs No Matter What the Facts Are with the 2020 Election in Arizona

The result of the audit shows why the criminals was so desperate to stop the audit, and why they tried to discredit the MAGA movement after Jan. 6. with their deep state operation that nobody fell for despite all the left leaning (bought and paid for / corrupt) media hysterical 24/7 coverage.

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By Joe Hoft – The Gateway Pundit

What a piece of work – Arizona governor Ducey is at it again.  The corrupt politician will not adhere to the Constitution or back justice no matter what the facts. 

In late November while a presentation of the state’s irregularities and issues with the 2020 Election was going on, GOP Governor Ducey certified the state’s election results.

If you look closely at Ducey’s past you can see why he backed a fraudulent Biden win in the state.

So it’s not surprising that Ducey is at it again.  Newsweek reported on a statement that Ducey has probably had prepared for months:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has said there will be “no decertification” of the state’s 2020 presidential election results following an audit in Maricopa County that was highly anticipated by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Ducey, who is a Republican, took to Twitter on Friday to say the election outcome would not be decertified and that the law did not allow for decertification despite demands from Trump.

In line with all the fake news outlets reporting on the audit results, Newsweek shares:

The controversial audit found that President Joe Biden had won Maricopa county in line with the election results and three previous audits. It was conducted by Cyber Ninjas, a firm with no previous experience auditing elections.

In reality, the audit found over 70,000 duplicate ballots or ballots with significant issues.  In addition, multiple IT and Cybersecurity issues were prevalent in the audit, including likely criminal acts.

Ducey’s only chance of ever being reelected in Arizona (he’s term limited as governor) is to ensure the same election processes and machines remain in place in future state elections for decades.  

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