Australian PM Turnbull steps down over Paris Climate Accord issue

Turnbull waves goodbye after a news conference in Canberra today.


By Michael Bastasch

Australia has a new prime minister after the governing coalition refused to support global warming-related legislation pushed by former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull stepped down Friday as a vote of no confidence loomed. Turnbull has been replaced by Scott Morrison, who helped craft Australia’s strict immigration policy and a more conservative member of Parliament.

Former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was expected to replace Turnbull, but lost in an upset ballot. Morrison beat Dutton in a 45 to 40 vote Friday.

“There was a determined insurgency from a number of people both in the party room and backed by voices, powerful voices, in the media,” Turnbull said Friday, according to CNN.

Turnbull’s leadership came into question when his conservative coalition government split over proposed legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to comply with the Paris climate accord.

Turnbull’s so-called National Energy Guarantee would have reduced energy sector emissions 26 percent by 2030 as part of Australia’s Paris accord pledge. But he couldn’t get support from a group of conservative members of Parliament led by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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What Does Australia’s New Prime Minister Mean for Aussie Climate Policy?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. By User:Clrdms – Own workCC BY-SA 4.0Link

By Eric Worrall

Australia’s unpopular green Conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is gone, deposed yesterday by a party room vote. But the track record of Australia’s new Prime Minister Scott Morrison on climate change, on a range of issues, is less than clear.

Conservative media attacks look set to continue under Scott Morrison

By Dana McCauley & Chloe Booker
24 August 2018 — 5:55pm

Conservative media commentators who aggressively backed Peter Dutton in the Liberal leadership challenge have put Scott Morrison on notice, indicating that there will be no honeymoon period for the incoming prime minister.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, 2GB morning host Ray Hadley made clear that conservative supporters expected Mr Morrison to behave differently under the new order, calling for a return to the ScoMo of years gone by.

“If he’s to reconnect to the conservative electorate, the old Scott has to return,” Hadley said.

“He’ll need to show he’s completely different to Malcolm on three major issues: power supply and cost – i.e. ditch the Paris agreement – and he’ll need to reduce immigration almost immediately.”

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The problem – while Scott Morrison has at times positioned himself as a fan of coal and cheap energy, over the years Morrison has appeared to be a little too flexible, sacrificing his original staunchly Conservative message in his pursuit of his career. In recent years he has been seen as a little too close to the previous Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. So nobody really knows what Morrison stands for, or what he intends to do.

Scott Morrison has one chance to get this right.



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