Australian Politics – Liberal Party Betrayed: Prime Minister Turnbull Offers Carbon Tax, Deeper Cuts

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

By Andrew Bolt ~

You have been conned. The Liberal Party members have been betrayed by their leaders. (Here in Australia, the Liberal Party is the major political party from the conservative side of the political fence)

Liberal Party MPs voted to scrap the carbon tax; now the Turnbull Government sneaks in a new one.

They promised “certainty” with global warming policies; now the Government suggests possibly bigger emissions cuts in just six years:

The Turnbull government will allow a review of carbon emissions cuts midway through the first decade of its National Energy Guarantee, in a concession to wavering states concerned at locking in what they see as an insufficient target.

The government’s final report to the states on the NEG confirms it would lock in the 26 per cent emissions cut until 2030, but allow a review in 2024 of the emissions reduction trajectory from 2025 to 2030.

The report, obtained by The Australian, also makes clear that energy retailers could also offset 5 per cent of their emissions abatement by purchasing Australian carbon credits, generated by forest projects, green farming or other emissions reduction projects.

Why are the Liberals going along with the very opposite of what they were elected to do just five years ago?

Why are they going along with making a gesture that is utterly pointless and comes as such enormous cost to the economy and to the poor?



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