Austrian Leading Politician: “Adapt or go home!”

Upper Austria’s Deputy Governor, Manfred Haimbuchner, has handed over an advisory report on integration to the national government’s Integration Minister, tabloid Wochenblick reports.

Haimbuchner’s message for the minister is that migrants should adapt, learn the language and respect Austria’s Christian values, or leave the country.

“If you want to live in Austria, you have to adapt. If you do not like it, you are welcome to return to your home country,” he advises.

The Upper Austrian FPÖ leader reported last week in Vienna on the possible “role model” for integration. His ideas were presented to Austria’s Minister of Integration, Karin Kneissl.

For Haimbuchner, it is clear that the time of beautiful speech is finally over. “In the absence of readiness and refusal to integrate it must also lead to consequences and noticeable sanctions.”

He is pleased that the new federal government finally has good contacts.

“Upper Austria has often been used as a ‘role model’, see Minimum Wage Guarantee. So we could also be pioneers in terms of ‘integration’.”



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