Bad Disasters Happen, Again & Again

The below is a list of past severe weather events and natural disasters – prior to the consistent 350+ppm CO2 levels attained in the 1990’s. In addition, scattered throughout the list are interesting “expert” climate predictions and observations. Based on the review of severe weather history below, extreme climate change has been happening a very long time. Most of these events (approximately 1,600) took place years before the claims of man-made global warming. © Copyright 2009 – 2016 | C3 Headlines  (Updated: 1/02/2016)

Many items in list are a direct result of Steve Goddard’s effort at Real Science and Popular Technology’s site. Also, James Marusek has published a huge list of historical weather incidents, many of which are included below. (see Modern & historical temperature charts.)

1801: Thomas Jefferson Notes Dramatic Climate Change In Virginia

1803: Farmers’ Crops Suffer From Long Sidney Drought

1804: Hurricane Brings “extreme violence” To Charleston, South Carolina

1804: “A change in our climate is taking place very surely.” – Thomas Jefferson

1806: Report On The Significant Climate Change of Great Britain – More Humidity, Clouds & Cold

1809: Thomas Jefferson Reveals That Snow Is (Nearly) A Thing Of The Past

1811: The Large New Madrid Quake Was Accompanied By Brilliant Auroras In The South

1811: Severe Drought Empties Sydney’s Water Tanks

1811: Australian Drought Pushes Corn To Extinction

1812: Massive Hurricane Ravaged New Orleans

1814: Long Drought In Australia Drives Wheat Prices Up – Affecting The Poor

1815: New England Struck By Major Hurricane

1816: 519 Manhattans Worth Of Glacier Ice Broke Away From Greenland

1816: ‘Year Without A Summer’ – Global Temps Sink and Famine Results

1818: Danes Discover that when it is severe winter in Europe, it is mild in Greenland

1824: 30,000 Perish From Flood In Russia

1825: Forest Fire Destroys One-Fifth Of New Brunswick’s Forests

1829: NSW, Australia: A 3-Year Drought – “little or no rain fell”

1830: “Devastating” Hurricane Strikes Tennessee

1832: Dramatic Climate Change In Italy

1833: “Awful and Destructive” Hurricane Hits Barbados

1833: Typhoon Strikes India – Causes “damage beyond conception”

1835: New South Wales, Australia Drought Could Become Calamitous

1836: New York Destroyed By A Ferocious Fire

1837: Maldive Islands Disappearing Under The Sea – “Wasting Away”

1837: Earthquake & Hurricane Devastate Puerto Rico

1838 : Calamitous Drought In New South Wales

1839 : Severe Drought In Australia

1839 : Severe Floods Hit Scotland At 30 Year Intervals

1839: “A terrible hurricane swept over the whole of the West of England”

1840: Tornado Kills Over 300 People In Mississippi

1841: Great Floods At Middlesex, England – Many Lives Lost

1841: Queensland, Australia Has Major Flood

1841: “Tremendous” Tornado and Hurricane Strikes Washington, D.C.

1841: Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes & Hailstorms Across France During Spring Months

1841: A Sirocco Sweeps Across Italy – Blast Furnace Heat Makes Life Miserable

1841: November Floods In France Cause Immense Damage

1841: Philadelphia Has 10-Inch Snowstorm In November

1842: France Hammered By Continuous Cold and Snow of Winter – Great Suffering

1842: Waterspouts & Floods Wreak Havoc Across Limerick, Ireland

1842: Six Inch Rainstorm In 2.5 Hours Submerges Philadelphia, PA

1842: Violent Thunderstorms Pound Mid-Atlantic States Throughout June

1842: Northern France Suffers From Severe Drought During Summer

1842: Paris, France Has Hottest Temperatures Since Beginning of Century

1842: Coldest November Ever Recorded In Many Parts of U.S.

1843: Major Mid-March Snowstorm Buries East U.S. – Up To 2-Feet of Snow

1843: Multiple Summer Hailstorms Cause Much Harm In England

1843: Northeast U.S. Has June “Killer” Frost – Plant and Crop Damage Extensive

1843: Severe Drought In Area of Hobart, Tasmania

1843: Immense Storm In Pennsylvania & Delaware Washes Away 50 Bridges

1844: Hail As Large As 11 Pounds Bombard France

1844: Abnormal Long & Snowy Winter In Europe Finally Ends In Late March 1845

1844: Port Phillip In Australia Experiences Its Greatest Flood

1845: Temperature In Central Australia Hits 135F In Shade

1845: Whole Provinces Submerged In China From Flooding

1845: Entire Potato Crop of Ireland Ruined By Severe Blight

1846: Aborigines blame ‘white-man’ for climate change in Australia

1846: Terrible Winter Across N. America – Mississippi, Ohio & Wabash Rivers Frozen

1846: Streams & Wells Go Dry In Great Iowa Drought

1846: Scarcity of Food Result of Australian Drought

1846: Huge Floods Inundate Central France

1846: Great Rainstorm & Hail Pound Many Areas of England and Ireland

1846: Other Countries Come To Aid of Belgium During Famine

1847: Hurricane Blasts Havana and Key West, Florida

1847: Bitter Cold & Snow Cause Miserable Winter In France, Spain & Switzerland

1847: Severe Drought In Holland Dried Up Most Of The Wells

1847: Heat & Drought Cause Famine and Food Riots In France

1847: New South Wales, Australia Again Hit With Bad Drought

1847: Australia’s Aborigines Say White Man Has Changed The Climate

1847: Winter Cold Brings -34F Temperatures To Dartmouth College Campus

1848: Niagara Falls Goes Dry – Severe Weather Conditions Stop Water Flow

1849: Sweden, Norway and Russia Have Extreme Winter Cold – Quicksilver Freezes!

1849: France Heat Wave Sizzles – 106 Degrees In Orange, France

1849: Flood In New Orleans Had Deeper Water Than Katrina

1849: “Dreadful Hurricane On The East Coast Of Scotland”

1850: Sacramento Completely Destroyed By Flood

1850: Calamitous Flood Overwhelms Belgium

1850: San Francisco Nearly Destroyed By Fire

1850: Capt. McClure Saw No Ice In The Beaufort Sea In August

1851: Ireland Struck By Great and Destructive Floods

1851: Two year Drought Ends In New South Wales, Australia

1851: Heat Wave & Brush Fires Brings “Day of Horrors” To Victoria, Australia

1851: Famine & Emigration Causes Ireland’s Population To Fall By 20%

1852: 100 Perish When Reservoir Bursts From Excessive Rainfall

1852: Extreme July Heat Wave Strikes Paris Over 8 Days

1852: Severe Flooding In Parts of Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany

1853: Europe & U.S. Blasted By Severe Winter Starting In December Through March

1853: Northwest Passage – Open Water Found In The Arctic Basin – In May

1853: Dust Storm & Hot Wind Howl Across Melbourne, Australia

1854: “The Great Drought In The United States”

1854: Charles Darwin Documents How Climate Change Killed Off 4/5’s Of Bird Population On His Property

1856: Whole Villages In France Swept Away By Great Floods

1856: A Summer Resort Island In Louisiana Is Completely Submerged By Terrific Storm – 170 Die

1856: Arctic Explorer Discovers “vast open iceless Polar Sea”

1857: Floods Cause Immense Destruction In NSW

1857: Massive Snowstorm Dumps 24 Inches On North Carolina, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

1857: Three Bad Heat Waves Strike France From June to August

1857: Great Storm Off Coast of Scotland – 42 Fishermen Lost

1858: A Severe Drought and Extreme Heat Saturate Portions of Europe & Algeria

1858: Adelaide, Australia Suffers In Fourth Year of Severe Drought

1858: 5-Foot Floods Swamp Areas of Tasmania

1858: Southern Italy Struck By Unusual November Snowstorm

1859: California Stuck By Intense Heat Wave, 133 Degrees In San Bernardino 

1860: A Tornado Destroys Towns In Iowa And Illinois

1860: India’s Farmers Unable To Plant Crops Due To Drought

1861: England Has Frigid Christmas, -21.7°C

1861: Montreal Submerged By River Flood From Melting Ice

1861: Almost 200 Wrecked Ships From Major Storms On British Coasts

1862: England Hit By Huge Hailstorm – 6 to 7 Feet Deep In Some Areas

1862: The Great Flood – West Coast battered for 45 days with extreme storms

1863: River Flood Drowns Melbourne, Australia – 40 Feet Above Normal Level

1863: Major Drought Strikes Argentina – Dust Storms Wreak Havoc

1863: U.S. Winter Brings Incredible Cold & Snow – Mississippi River Freezes Over

1864: Record Floods In Queensland, Australia

1864: Great Cyclone Smashes Calcutta – 70,000 Perish

1864: Devastating Hurricane Strikes Portugal

1864: Floods, Drought & Famine Lead To Mass Misery In Hungary

1865: Frigid Winter In Paris Freezes Seine River

1866: France & Britain Ravaged by Severe Regional Floods

1866: 1,500,000 People Perish From Famine & Drought In India

1866: Hurricane In Bahamas Smashes 600 Buildings, 60 Persons Dead

1867: Cyclone & Tidal Wave Sweep Away 30,000 Homes In Calcutta

1867: St. Thomas Island Survives Dreadful Hurricane, 1,000 Lives Lost

1868: Massive Earthquake Hits Peru

1868: Many Lives Lost In Baltimore, MD Flood

1868: Most Destructive Tornado In Tennessee Takes Lives

1868: Huge Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions And Tsunamis Hit Hawaii

1869: A Tornado Destroys Georgetown, Colorado

1869: Fearful Floods In England – Worst In Leeds History

1869: Arctic Summers Believed To Be “almost free of ice”

1869: Dublin and Cork Ireland Suffered From Great Floods

1870: Torrential Rain Dumps 24 Inches Over 4 Days In Brisbane

1870: The Great Flood In New South Wales, Australia

1871: New York Times Reports On Worrisome “Climate Change”

1871: 3.8 Million Wisconsin Acres Burn & Hundreds Perish In America’s Largest Forest Fire

1871: 100,000 Starving People In Chicago After Heat, Drought And Fire

1872: 140 Degrees Reported During Australia Heat Wave

1874: Tuscumbia, Alabama Destroyed By A Tornado

1875: Ahmedabad, India – Historically High Flooding

1875: Arctic Warming, Melting Ice Causing East Coast Rains, Floods & Crop Failures

1875 : Fire, Heat And Drought In Australia – 115F In Shade

1875: England suffers from big floods

1876: Three Storms In Succession Flood 3,000 Square Miles Of India – Kill 215,000 People

1876: Severe Drought In Turkey – 200,000 Lives Lost

1877: Serious Drought In Australia In Its Second Year

1878: Three Year Massive Drought & Famine Ends In India

1878: Southern Morocco Droughts Turns Populace Into “Living Skeletons”

1878: Officially announced that 7,000,000 persons have died of “famine in China.”

1878: Prolonged Drought In South Africa Threatens Disastrous Famine

1878: Eleven Days of Extreme Hot Temperatures Torch America’s Midwest

1878: Malaria Outbreak In Brooklyn, NY

1878: Winter In England Is 5.4 Degrees Colder Than Average

1878: Devastating Hurricane Strikes Tahiti

1878: Terrible Australian Drought Followed By Disastrous Floods

1878: Southern England Suffers Tornado, Followed By Snow

1878: Ceylon Hit By Multiple Floods Causing Great Property Damage

1878: Indian Ocean Cyclone Wipes Bourbon Island Clean

1878: Hundreds Lost At Sea During Bay of Biscay, Spain Hurricane

1878: Wisconsin Tornado Hits Multiple Rural Towns, 30 People Killed

1878: Tornado In Connecticut Kills 30

1878: France Suffers From Large Floods

1878: Immense Floods Overwhelm Sacramento, California Region

1878: Hurricane & Two Waterspouts Bash Canton, China

1878: Hailstorm In Austria Wrecks Crops, Hailstones Unusually Large

1878: Severe Thunderstorms & Hailstorms Thrash Switzerland – Fires and Floods Result 

1879: Half A Million Dead In Brazil From Drought, Starvation And Pestilence 

1879: New Years – Great Floods In England And Scotland

1879: Severe Drought Affects Texas, South Carolina & Georgia

1879: 165 MPH Winds Pummel North Carolina

1879: Explorer Discovers That Alaskan Glacier Shrunk By Some 30 Miles In Less Than 100 Years

1879: 70 Million Chinese People Starving From “2 centuries of climatic change almost without a parallel”

1879: Severe Drought In West Texas

1879: Account – Destructive Earthquakes Hit Japan Every Ten Years

1880: Raging Forest Fires In Pennsylvania & New Jersey

1880: Massive Snow Storm With 100MPH Gusts Dumps 6′ of Snow On Seattle

1880: Record Setting Heat Wave In Adelaide, Australia

1881: Newspaper Reports On Concerns That The Telegraph Will Change Earth’s Polarity, Thus Arctic Ice Melts

1881: Baltic Sea Frozen

1881: “A Great Many People” Suffering From Malaria In New York

1881: NY Times Predicts Extinction of Walrus, Seal, Bison, Elk, Fish, Reindeer

1881: Spain Records 122 Degree Temperature During Heat Wave

1881: Global Warming Brings Heat Waves, Hurricanes, Earthquakes And Yellow Fever

1882: Hailstorm In Midwest Wreaks Havoc – Hail 3.5 Feet Deep In Some Spots

1882: Disastrous Hurricane Strikes NW Australia

1883: Huge Earthquake Hits Italy

1884: 500 Killed By A Southern Tornado – 5,000 Houses Destroyed

1884 : Humans Blamed For Glacial Retreat In The Alps

1884: Terrible Earthquake Hits England

1884: Explorers Determine That Polar Sea Is Free of Ice At Times

1884: Levees Fail Due To Mississippi River Flood

1885: “Water Famine In Jerusalem.”

1885: U.S. Congress Considers Climate Engineering Legislation

1885: Extreme Heat Wave In The UK – Children Dying By The Hundreds

1886: Middle of Spain Devastated By Hurricane

1886: Charleston, SC Destroyed By A Huge Earthquake

1886: Huge Earthquake Hits Greece

1886: 12 Inches of Rainfall & Flood Submerge Georgia Region Over 3 Days

1886: Texas Town Destroyed By Hurricane

1886: Seven Hurricanes Pummel U.S.

1886: England & Ireland Swept By Great Hurricane

1887: Streets In Brisbane, Australia Under 15-Feet of Flood Water

1887: Storm Surge of 25 Feet Submerges Burketown

1887: Huge Earthquake Hits France And Italy

1887: China’s Terrible Flood Leaves Millions Homeless & Starving

1887: 700 Perish From Australian Hurricane

1887: Prolonged Drought In England And Scotland Disastrous To Crops

1887: Terrible Hurricane Strikes Great Britain

1888: Severe Blizzards Rips East Coast – New York City Cut Off From Rest of World

1888: The Baltic Sea Frozen

1888 Study: “Is Climate Changing” – Strongly Marked, Periodic Shifts In The Climate

1888: “Complete Change Of Climate” Makes Adobe Useless As A Nebraskan Building Material

1888: Colorado Heat Wave Hits 118 Degrees

1888: Floods Kill Hundreds Of Thousands Of People In China

1888: Australian Drought Killed Almost All Of The Sheep

1888: ‘Schoolhouse Blizzard’ Strikes U.S. Great Plains With Brutal Cold & Snow

1888: Severe Weather Extremes Plague The World

1889: US Hurricane Strikes Peaked In The 1880s

1889: “Disastrous Floods In China”

1889: “Great Flood In India”

1890: U.S. Snowstorms – Passengers On Eight Trains Dying From Cold & Hunger

1890: NSW, Australia Suffers From Big Floods

1890: 200 Russians Freeze To Death From Intense Cold

1890: New York Times Worried About Global Warming

1890: Rapid Glacial Retreat In Alaska

1890: Massive Tornado Levels Louisville, Kentucky

1890: “Great Heat In America Hundreds of Deaths From Sunstroke”

1890: “The European Crops. Ruined By Rain And Cold Weather”

1890: Forest Fire In New Mexico & Colorado A “Cyclone” of Devastation

1890: Hurricane Slams Australia

1891 Study: 1°C Climate Changes Happen Regularly Scientists Discover

1891: “Intense Heat In New York”

1891: Joplin, Missouri Stuck By Terrible Tornado

1891: Four Hundred Thousand Left Homeless By Japanese Quake

1891: “Intense Cold In England. Sheep Roasted On The Frozen Thames.“

1891: “A Severe Winter, Streets of Naples, Italy Impassable”

1891: “The Cold In Holland And Belgium. Antwerp Harbour Icebound”

1892: Severe Drought In Australia – 115 Degree Heat Wave

1892: Great Floods In China Kills 50,000 – More To Die From Starvation

1892: Huge Icebergs Seen As Far South As New York

1892: Severe Cold In England & America – 50 Frozen To Death

1892: Rapid Glacial Retreat In The Alps

1892: Rapid Retreat Of Rocky Mountain Glaciers Due To “Climatic” Change

1892: Alaskan Glacier Experiences Massive Shrinkage – 77 Billion Cubic Feet of Ice Each Year Lost

1892: Heat Wave In Europe Forces School Closures 

1892: Disastrous Drought In Mexico

1892: “Heat in America – Deaths From Sunstroke; Work Suspended” 

1892: Indian Ocean Hurricane Kills Thousands

1892: Devastating Tornado Strikes Chicago Area

1892: Destructive Kansas Tornado Causes Enormous Damage

1892: Terrible Tornado Kills Many In Illinois And Missouri

1892: Mississippi & Missouri Rivers cause Disastrous Floods

1892: Washington, Arkansas Destroyed By A Tornado

1892: Japanese Typhoon Takes 300 Lives – 42,000 Homes Destroyed

1893: It’s 1,800 Years Of “Low CO2” Floods And Storms

1893: Severe Heat Wave & Drought In Queensland Australia

1893: “A Terrible Famine. Dreadful Reports From China: Parents Selling Their Children. Dead Bodies Devoured”

1893: “The Winter In Europe. Intense Cold In England And On The Continent. Traffic Delayed By Snowstorms. Thames And Seine Frozen.”

1893: Snow Blizzard & Tidal Wave Blast Chicago On Same Day

1893: Heat Wave And Drought In Europe; Deaths by Sunstroke 

1893: “Malaria Everywhere” In Wisconsin

1893: “Intense Cold In Sydney. All Previous Records Broken.”

1893: Biggest Flood Ever In Queensland, Australia

1893: Sea Islands Hurricane Leaves 1,000+ Dead In Its Wake 

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All of these events took place before i started to drive my old SAAB .. Strange, ay!?


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Why do CO2 lag behind temperature?

71% of the earth is covered by ocean, water is a 1000 times denser than air and the mass of the oceans are 360 times that of the atmosphere, small temperature changes in the oceans doesn’t only modulate air temperature, but it also affect the CO2 level according to Henry’s Law.

The reason it is called “Law” is because it has been “proven”!

“.. scientific laws describe phenomena that the scientific community has found to be provably true ..”

That means, the graph proves CO2 do not control temperature, that again proves (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of … Warming is – again – debunked!