Bannons WarRoom Ep 583: Exposing The Nature Of The Problem (w/ Devine, Leung, Kline, Kassam, Maxey)

Image: JUST IN: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Announces Signature Audit For Absentee Ballots in Cobb County

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The Fight Will Continue

Video: Bannons War Room

Bannons WarRoom Ep 582: Crisis Of Our Own Making (w/ VandenBerghe, Giuliani, Kassam, Maxey)

Video: Bannons War Room

Arizona GOP Electors Join Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania in Casting Votes for President Donald Trump

Sidney Powell previews massive RICO case against Smartmatic, Dominion

ANTRIM COUNTY FORENSIC AUDIT CALLS 2020 ELECTION RESULTS INTO QUESTION – How Can Any State in the US Legitimately Confirm Their Election Results Are Accurate?

Report Claims Dominion Error Rate Of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed To Create Systemic Fraud’

This explains the election censorship: YouTube has been infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party-linked engineers

Jenna Ellis, Counsel to President Trump, lays out the Trump Legal Strategy ahead

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