BBC Explain Climate Change

BBC Newsbeat is the flagship news programme for Radio 1, and its remit is to provide news tailored for a specifically younger audience. In fact, ever since its early days, it has tended to treat its listeners as babies, totally incapable of taking in any serious news for more than a few seconds.

One of its functions is to indoctrinate young listeners into the BBC’s world of climate change, hence today’s attempt to convince them that Donald Trump knows little about the subject.

Unfortunately it seems neither does the BBC!

Their report included this:


Note the bit about the ozone layer:

When humans burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil for transport, heating and industry it produces greenhouse gases which destroy the ozone layer, allowing more rays from the sun into our atmosphere and raising temperatures across the world.

Somebody must have spotted this little faux pas, and deleted it, so the piece now looks like this:


The BBC have made no mention of the deletion, and the original version is only available now on the Wayback Machine.

How convenient!




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