Biden Admin’s Secret Border Deal with Mexico Delays Onslaught of Migrant Crossings — 50 Percent Drop in Jan.

Published February 7, 2024

The number of migrants apprehended along the southwest border with Mexico in January fell by more than 50 percent from the record-shattering report in December. Following dropping approval ratings for President Joe Biden on the topic of immigration and border security and a meeting between the Mexican president and two Biden administration cabinet members, actions taken by the Mexican government led to a drop of more than 125,000 migrant apprehensions in January.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the nine southwest border sectors apprehended just over 124,000 migrants who illegally crossed the border in January between ports of entry. This is down by more than 50 percent from the record-shattering 249,785 migrant apprehensions in December. So far this fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2023, agents along the southwest border encountered nearly 754,000 migrants.

Breitbart Texas reached out to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials for information about the factors leading to the precipitous drop in migrant apprehensions in January. CBPs’ only response was to cite the historical trend of decreased apprehensions during January.

“Consistent with historical trends and enhanced enforcement, the first two weeks of January saw an over 50% decrease in southwest border encounters between ports of entry according to preliminary figures,” CBP stated.



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President Joe Biden addressed the border situation at the First in the Nation Celebration held by the South Carolina Democratic Party on Jan. 27, 2024, in Columbia, S.C. Artie Walker Jr.—AP
Published January 28, 2024

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — Bidding to salvage a border deal in Congress that also would unlock money for Ukraine, President Joe Biden offered fresh assurances Saturday night that he would be willing to close the U.S.-Mexico border if lawmakers would only send him a bill to sign.

Biden — also eager to disarm GOP criticism of his handling of migration at the border — said at a political event in South Carolina that he would shut down the border ’“right now” if Congress passed the proposed deal. The framework hasn’t been formally agreed to by Senate Democrats and Republicans and would face an uncertain future in the GOP-controlled House.

“A bipartisan bill would be good for America and help fix our broken immigration system and allow speedy access for those who deserve to be here, and Congress needs to get it done,” Biden said. “It’ll also give me as president, the emergency authority to shut down the border until it could get back under control. If that bill were the law today, I’d shut down the border right now and fix it quickly.”

The deal being negotiated in Congress would require the U.S. to shutter the border if roughly 5,000 migrants cross illegally on any given day. Some one-day totals last year exceeded 10,000.



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Published February 7, 2024

Just in time for election year, border crossings have plummeted — a sign that Joe Biden has struck a secret deal with the Mexican president to help his campaign..

Daily Border Patrol encounters of illegal immigrants crossing the border was 12,000 to 14,000 per day at the end of December. But according to government data confidentially shared with me, it has dropped to a still managerially catastrophic yet smaller 4,000 to 5,000 a day.

What led to those numbers dropping from ionospheric heights? The answer will have something to do with the Biden administration’s diplomatic missions to Mexico City over Christmas.

The officials returned to Washington reporting fuzzy platitudes and no details about whatever deal they struck with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.




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