Bill Clinton Kicks off Ohio Tour by Throwing Bernie Sanders Under The BUS!

Bill Clinton has gone rogue. 

Yesterday he was slamming Obamacare and saying it was “CRAZY.”

Today, after being greeted by a highway lined with hundreds of Trump supporters in Ohio, Clinton was in a foul mood and he snapped at yet another protester.who was arguing Clinton’s mass incarceration of young people on drug charges.

This one was arguing over Clinton’s mass incarceration of young people on drug charges.

Clinton, clearly annoyed, shrugged off his responsibility and instead tossed Bernie under the bus for his support of a 1994 crime bill.

From Breitbart:

ATHENS, OHIO — Former President Bill Clinton began his Ohio bus tour but almost immediately attacked Bernie Sanders, former rival of his wife, who is now campaigning on her behalf.

After Clinton took the stage, a protester shouted, “Mic check!” and began denouncing the former president for toughening prison sentences for drug offenders.

While a couple students shouted support for Hillary Clinton in response, her husband snapped into defense mode.

“Hillary didn’t vote for the ’94 crime bill, even though Sen. Sanders did,” Clinton said. “And neither one of them were trying to send millions of your people to prison.”

He appeared annoyed by all the anger Trump supporters expressed and liberals unhappy with his record as president.

“This is a time of resentment, right?” he asked. “Everybody!”

Clinton cited a massive decrease in crime as the result of crime legislation he signed as president, defending his efforts that black activists have decried as unfairly targeting their communities.

“It’s okay to hold people accountable for their record, but you need to paint the whole picture,” Clinton said.

Outside the rally, one woman named Jasmine protested Clinton’s appearance.

She held a sign that read, “Black children aren’t super-predators,” telling Breitbart News in an interview that she did not trust Hillary Clinton to address the concerns raised by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Source: TruthFeed



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