Black Support For Trump Reaches DANGER ZONE For Democrats

In a dangerous turn for Democrats, black support for President Trump is skyrocketing.

It turns out the era of politics driven by racial identity may be over. With Barack Obama now in America’s collective rear-view mirror – and his race-motivated politics behind us, maybe we can get back to becoming one America.

Support for President Trump in the African American community stands at 16 percent.

While these sound like dismal numbers, they’re actually historically high. Shockingly so, even, especially considering Trump only received 8 percent of the black vote in November 2016.

An equally good number for the President is the “not-sure” rating among blacks.

When African Americans were asked whether they approved, disapproved or were “not sure,” one in ten were in the latter category. That raises the possibility that Trump’s approval could rise to 26 percent among a minority population that typically votes almost exclusively for Democrats.

The latest numbers come from a YouGov/Economist poll and was reported by The Federalist.

And that 16 percent is up from just a couple months ago. The same poll reported in January that Trump’s approval was 10 percent among black Americans – they keep getting better.

Even better: The YouGov poll asks “all voters,” and not just “registered voters.” The latter category consistently bodes better for Republican candidates.

And as The Federalist notes, it’s not just one poll that shows rising support for Trump among African Americans. A Marist poll found 8 percent approval among blacks, and a Quinnipiac poll found 11 percent.

These great numbers are dangerous to Democrats who surely must see the rising popularity for President Trump among their most loyal supporters as a genuine threat.

Any further bleeding of black support away from the Democratic candidate to Trump could mean the President could solidify the wins he took in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

As M. Joseph Sheppard writes:

What might be the reason for this apparent trend to Trump among black voters? Clearly the Van Jones election night “this is a whitelash” scaremongering rant has seen that apocalyptic vision evaporate. That Trump, a New York City social liberal, would somehow be a vehicle for the Klu Klux Klan and white supremacy was and is ludicrous, and the passage of time has confirmed this.

The Left giving up on this messaging is more facing a failed smear than any credit due for common decency. If blacks who voted for Trump see their support not eroded by such scaremongering, the 8 percent level might solidify into a new base, especially if black icons like Kanye West continue to courageously defy political stereotyping about African-Americans.



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