Black Trump Fans Hold Rally to Send THIS Savage Message to Hillary

To listen to the mainstream media, the Black voter is almost 100 percent supportive of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton. As the media tells it, it would be an electoral coup if Donald Trump could even capture 7 percent of the Black vote.

But the voices coming out of the Black community tell a dramatically different story. A social media post by “Michael the Black Man” insists the reality on the ground is quite different from what the mainstream media is reporting. Saying that “all the Black leaders in America are against Hillary right now,” Michael speaks of Trump “doing good for Black folks for thirty years,” and challenges people to research the fact for themselves. He also rails against Hillary Clinton as someone who wants “everyone in slavery” and a woman who has “killed Black people all around the world.”

o say that “Michael the Black Man’s” message is unique would be a lie. In fact, his message is a common theme heard in Black communities across the United States.

“I want you to know that all the Black leaders in America are against Hillary right now, but the media’s not showing it,” Michael said. “From Minister Farrakhan, you got Dr. Cornell West, Google it; they’re speaking against Hillary right now. The lady who created Black Lives Matter, she’s speaking against Hillary… When they say Trump is a racist, that’s a lie. This man has been doing good for Black folks for thirty years. Go look up Jesse Jackson praising Trump. Look it up. Google it right now.”

Across the country, many in the Black communities have come to the end of their patience with the false promises of the Democrat Party. For decades Democrats have been promising Black people a pathway to a better life and for decades Democrats and Progressives have created government dependence in the Black community.

Some courageous Black leaders are starting to speak out about the overt and blatant racism practiced by Democrats, Progressives, and Liberals who see the Black communities as nothing more than “voting pockets” meant to deliver American urban areas to Democrats come election time.

Black leaders around the United States are awakening to the “scam” of Democrat oppression in our major cities; a scam that has watched on as gang crime exploded into Black communities and body counts mounted.

“All the Black people,” Michael continued, “you don’t have to be ashamed to stand with me in our quest to make sure that Hillary does not get in, because she has…killed Black people all around the world; the lady is a murderer; she’s a killer.”

While this may be true of Hillary Clinton’s policies across the world, especially as Secretary of State, it is fundamentally true about the policies installed by the Democrats and Progressives through government. Progressive and Democrats have run the major urban areas in the United States for decades and the only things the Black communities have to show for those years is increased government dependency, increased poverty and increased Black-on-Black crime, including murders.

As the mainstream media continues to bury the story of this true Black awakening in the United States, so, too, are they burying the story that more and more, the Black community is identifying Donald Trump as a true change agent. They are getting behind him in increasing numbers and that support is going to make a big difference come November 8th.



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