“Blinking Red Lights Everywhere”

By Malcolm Out Loud – America Out Loud

“You’ve been warned!” Is this the message that FBI Director Christopher Wray wanted to convey? If so, why? Something is very wrong with this picture. When Wray responded to Sen. Lindsay Graham’s question about all the warning signs prior to the 9/11 attack on America compared to what we’re seeing now in America, Wray didn’t hold back. He said:

“I see blinking red lights everywhere.” Director Wray wasn’t prognosticating. He just told us something is going to happen to us. And your government is doing it.

Who is the author of all this chaos and heightened security threat? It’s your government! Two presidents (Obama and Biden) have funded Iran, the purveyor of Islamic terrorism. Biden (or was it Obama?) ordered the gifting of billions of dollars in weaponry when our troops pulled out of Afghanistan. Then he agreed to release $6 billion in assets to Iran before Hamas struck Israel. Who has been implicated in all the sex child trafficking and drug smuggling? The CIA. The Director of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has facilitated the flooding of our borders with military-aged men whose credo is “Death to America!” We have no idea where they go.

Why would the FBI, which labels Roman Catholics and protective mothers as terrorist threats, suddenly sound the alarm? These government agencies are the blinking red lights! They have directly caused every threat we now face in America. Wray is simply trying to cover their tracks.

But the patience of Americans is growing thin. The people know these shifty politicians are incapable of telling us the truth. Their insincerity is blaring. We have been forced to do our own investigating, and we strongly dislike what we see.

And now the FBI director urges Congress to renew FISA’s Section 702 which permits government spying on foreign nationals deemed a threat. Are they again seeking license to spy on a presidential candidate, or perhaps America’s citizens? As Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) revealed, civil liberties violations associated with the surveillance program have been rampant. He comments:

“It’s never different; you haven’t changed.” He then adds, “We have no reason to trust you because you haven’t behaved in a manner that is trustworthy.”

In other words, Chris Wray is just blowing more smoke in our faces. Enough said.

What Americans need to understand as we head into 2024 is that all of our whining and protesting isn’t going to be enough to stop this powerful domestic enemy. We must get locally involved and be prepared always for the worst. Carrying concealed is a great idea. Getting active on school boards and other social committees is imperative. Get involved in elections oversight, and don’t be naive. Stand your ground. If you see something, say something! Situational awareness could very well save your life. Call local law enforcement, but also be ready to act should the need arise.

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