BOM is making ‘the present seem warmer’ by ‘cooling the past’ (2019)

Image: More one-sided climate propaganda

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If CO2 controls the temperature, it is safe to say that humans stopped emitting CO2 some 107 years ago given the record temperature in Australia (link above) and the Death Valley high temperature record of July 10, 1913

See, that is the reason the “Green” Rent & Grant Seeking Activists and Criminals (mostly Criminals) has to cheat and deceive the public. It’s probably hard to keep a full scale, international FRAUD going using the actual, unadjusted temperature measurements without .. latest example from New Zealand.

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Video: Sky News Australia

Changes in technology and adjustments of historical temperatures by the Bureau of meteorology has made “the present seem warmer” says climate scientist and author Jennifer Marohasy.


No, June 2020 Was Not the Hottest June on Record

2 things about this, 1. The start point of their records is 1981, which was among the coldest after over 3 decades of cooling, the 30’s and 40’s was very warm so, of course, they can’t include records that gives a long term correct picture and, 2. If CO2 is making the atmosphere warmer, wouldn’t that mean the whole atmosphere and ALL THE TIME!??

It would if it was science!

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Why do CO2 lag behind temperature?

71% of the earth is covered by ocean, water is a 1000 times denser than air and the mass of the oceans are 360 times that of the atmosphere, small temperature changes in the oceans doesn’t only modulate air temperature, but it also affect the CO2 level according to Henry’s Law.

The reason it is called “Law” is because it has been “proven”!

“.. scientific laws describe phenomena that the scientific community has found to be provably true ..”

That means, the graph proves CO2 do not control temperature, that again proves (Man Made) Global Warming, now called “Climate Change” due to lack of … Warming is – again – debunked!