BOMBSHELL REPORT from Joe Biggs – Hannity to be Fired Next Week

Joe Biggs, formerly with Infowars and now with Borderland Alternative Media is reporting that he had a conversation with a source close to Sean Hannity who showed him an internal email at Fox that indicated Hannity believes he will be fired next week.

Joe, like most of us, is hoping this does NOT happen and is encouraging supporters to put pressure on Fox to keep Hannity at all costs.

Time will tell how this plays out.

From BAM

I had a conversation with a source close to Hannity who showed me an internal email at fox where Adam Housley spoke to Sean and  he said he believes he will be fired next week sometime by Fox News for his coverage of the Seth Rich murder.

I also have a source within the FBI that will be sending me documents that show that Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source.

The DC police said that they didn’t hand off the laptop to the FBI, which is true.

But The Police did contact the FBI to unlock the computer and when the FBI tech unlocked it he also took the information from the laptop.

This is coming my source within the FBI.


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