BREAKING : Early Voting Numbers Show TRUMP on the PATH to VICTORY

Trump’s campaign team is very pleased with the early voting numbers for Trump.

Compared to Mitt Romney in 2012, Trump is on FIRE and heading toward a victory!

From Breitbart

Trump communications advisor Jason Miller said on Breitbart News Sunday that Donald Trump has thousands of more early votes racked up than Mitt Romney did during this point in the 2012 election, giving them more momentum heading into the final week of the 2016 presidential election.

“I want to give you a couple of early voting, absentee voting successes we’ve seen,” Miller told SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle. “We can talk about polls… But let me tell you about real votes coming in now in Florida. Republican numbers at this point are a combination of absentee voting and early voting. Republican numbers are up seven percent, and Democrat numbers are down ten percent. So, what does that mean?”

“Usually, the Democrats will come out of early voting, pre-election voting ahead, but right now, we’re at a pace to be 100,000 votes closer than where Mitt Romney was four years ago,” Miller said.

CNN reports that in Florida, nearly three million voters have already cast their ballots. So far, registered Republicans lead Democrats by approximately 13,545 votes.

“Bounce up to North Carolina, where we just had our best day,” he said. “We had 79,000 people that showed up and voted on Friday for Mr. Trump, which is the best single day—well, Republicans showing up and voting, which I’ll assume are for Mr. Trump. Single individual best day of voting, even going back to 2012. We’ve narrowed the gap to where we’re 35,000 votes ahead of where the Republican ticket was four years ago.”

The New York Timesreports that 1.6 million people in North Carolina have already voted.  In 2012, Romney defeated Obama by 97,465 votes in the swing state.

“You look at Iowa. We’re 17,000 votes ahead” of where the Republican party was in 2012, Miller continued. “And even in Nevada, which the Democrats have been trying to say, with the unions and other things, they’ve done a great job, we’re about even where we were four years ago, so if these patterns hold, and we go into Election Day, we feel really, really good about our chances. Think about that: 100,000 votes better at this stage of the game, five days into the early voting in Florida. Thirty-five thousand votes better in North Carolina.”

“Even keep in mind that a lot of these polls were taken before the FBI news on Friday,” he added. “That’s certainly going to impact things. But look: We have the energy, we have the momentum. As long as Republicans and conservatives show up and vote, and say not only do we have a voice but we have a vote. This is our chance to make it count. Mr. Trump’s going to win on November 8.”

Source: TruthFeed



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