Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton probably aren’t too happy about FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Capitol Hill this morning after he obliterated their argument over “racist” police while exposing the real issue we face in the country.

Anyone actually paying attention to statistics knows that police aren’t killing black people at a rat that’s disproportionate to their representation when it comes to interaction with law enforcement. In fact, police kill far less black people than they do white when you break it down, as a report recently revealed.

With that in mind, it stands to reason that the director of the FBI isn’t going to be fooled by the fools of Black Lives Matter or those encouraging them, like Obama and Hillary, which was evident in his testimony earlier today. According to the Daily Caller, Comey argued that those claiming there’s a problem with racist cops murdering black people are “uninformed” and have only “anecdotal evidence” to back up their claims.

“All of those conversations are uninformed today. They are all driven by anecdotes because as a country, we simply don’t have the information to know: Do we have an epidemic of violence directed by law enforcement against black folks? Do we have an epidemic involving brown folks, white folks? We just don’t know. And in the absence of that data, we’re driven entirely by anecdotes. And that’s a very bad place to be,” Comey said to the committee.

Comey urged people to wait for information to become available before rushing to judgement on anything, especially whether or not there’s an “epidemic of violence” between police and black people. Without statistics, he argued, there’s no way to tell whether or not shootings are up or down.

“Nor can anybody else in this country. So to discuss the most important things that are going on in this country, we need information. And the government should collect it. I can’t think of something that’s more inherently governmental than the need to use deadly force in an encounter during law enforcement work,” Comey argued.

Comey’s rebuke of the Black Lives Matter terror group comes on the heels of rioting in Charlotte and just days after Hillary Clinton argued during the first presidential debate that there’s an epidemic of racist cops murdering unarmed black men. During her statement, she accused the entire nation of having “implicit bias” against blacks, and pointed to it as the cause for armed thugs being shot and killed by police defending their communities after said thugs posed a threat to innocent life.

Meanwhile, FBI statistics show that black males account for some 50 percent of the violent crime in America while only representing less than seven percent of the population, yet they’re still killed by police at a rate that’s nearly three times less than their white counterparts. If anything, the “implicit bias” Hillary speaks of restrains police from opening fire on black people out of fear of having their lives destroyed by leftist lynch mobs who reject reason and logic and embrace hyper-emotional reactions if they mean advancing the false narrative that America is inherently racist.

If the debate moderator had even pretended to be objective on Monday night, he’d have corrected Hillary when she went on her tirade about racism in the country. However, as we’ve seen through repeated reports, objectivity appeared to be the last thing on Lester Holts’ mind.

While he may have totally botched the investigation into Hillary’s email server, at least Comey is still willing to speak the truth in other areas.

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