BREAKING: Jeff Bezos Blog @WashingtonPost Releases Selectively Edited & Criminal #BillyBush Tape Of @RealDonaldTrump

Breaking the laws to create hit pieces, yeah, that’s what criminals do,  criminal Democrat low-life!

The story:

Picture: Building of The Washington Post, where anti-Trump reporter David Fahrenthold works. By Daniel X. O’Neil from USA, Wikimedia Commons.

An 11-year-old selectively edited secret recording of Donald J. Trump speaking to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush has been released in violation of the law by The Washington Post Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos’ blog.

Secret recordings without consent are totally illegal in the state of California, where the video was filmed.

California is a “two-party consent” state which means all parties on a recording must consent to being recorded.

There is no indication the consent of Mr. Trump was given to the recording and publishing of this tape.

The byline of the Washington Post piece says it was written by David A. Fahrenthold, a noted anti-Trumper who previously wrote about Donald Trump without disclosing that his wife worked for a non-profit run by a Mexican president and funded by George Soros and the Clinton Foundation.

Conflict of interest much?

David Fahrenthold also has a nasty journalistic history described by his subjects as “absurd, disturbing, and not ethical.”

Why should we trust that this latest recording was not unethically obtained, illegally posted, and/or selectively edited?

We demand The Washington Post release the whole video without editing immediately.

The Washington Post has been angrily feuding with Donald Trump since he revoked their press credentials for poor coverage earlier this year.

We understand that they are mad, but publishing illegal recordings without full disclosure of conflicts of interest is not the way to get your press credentials back.

The right way would be to cover the Trump campaign fairly and without bias, but this is far beyond the ability of the failing Washington Post, which was bought by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos in 2013.



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