BREAKING: Justice Department Being SUED For Secret Tarmac Meeting

A lawsuit has been filed by the American Center for Law and Justice against the United States Department of Justice due to the secret meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

The ACLJ is a right-leaning law firm that focuses on First Amendment issues, but has taken cases such as this one in the past. It is also the firm that is representing many of the non-profit organizations in the lawsuit against the IRS for political targeting.

As reported by Dennis Michael Lynch:

The American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative-leaning law group, sued the Justice Department on Wednesday after the agency allegedly ignored their Freedom of Information Act request for more information in regards to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private meeting with former President Bill Clinton just days before the American people learned Hillary Clinton would face no charges for her email scandal.

“The arrogance and inappropriate actions of the Obama Administration cannot go unchallenged and that is why we have gone to federal court today and filed this critical lawsuit,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ. “This Administration has gone out of its way to hide information from the American public — information that is extremely troubling.”

“The stakes are high,” he continued. “The American people deserve a Justice Department with integrity. We must demand accountability for corruption. If we don’t, a constitutional crisis is imminent. The corruption must have consequences.”

Earlier this summer, Sekulow called on Lynch to resign over the secret tarmac meeting between herself and Bill Clinton on June 27. A Freedom of Information Act request was filed for details of the meeting, but no response was given. Hence, the ACLJ is now following up with a FOIA lawsuit.

We luckily found out about this meeting because Phoenix’s local affiliate had a reporter at Sky Harbor International Airport, and he reported that a scret meeting had taken place.

What was especially troubling was that the FBI was on the tarmac instructing reporters who were there “no photos, no pictures, no cell phones.”


Such an order has strong ethical concerns, especially given the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, the report got out, and now the DOJ is dealing with the consequences of this cabal in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Some of the notable parts of the ACLJ’s lawsuit include the following:

7. Plaintiff summarized its requests as follows: “this Request seeks any and all records
pertaining to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with former President Bill Clinton on
June 27, 2016, which occurred on her airplane at the Sky Harbor International Airport in
Phoenix, Arizona.” Pl.’s FOIA Request Ex. A, 1.

9. In its FOIA request, attached hereto as Exhibit A and incorporated by reference as if fully
set forth herein, Plaintiff sought the following records:

Records Regarding Names of DOJ Officials Involved in Meeting-Related
Discussions or Decisions

Records Regarding Meeting-Related Discussions or Decision

Records Regarding Communications Received From Bill Clinton or Regarding
His Presence

Records Regarding Any Discussion of Bill Clinton

Records Regarding Discussion of Ethics Rules or Professional Codes of
Conduct Governing Attorneys

Records Regarding Discussion of or Decisions on Response to Press





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