BREAKING : Liberal Charged With 14 Counts of Voter Fraud Sentenced to Jail

Ohio resident and liberal activist Rebecca A. Hammonds pled guilty to 14 counts of “falsely registering people to vote and forging signatures on voter registration forms,” and was sentenced to 6-months in the county jail.

From American Mirror

Hammonds was a paid canvasser for the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, a group pushing people to register to vote in Columbiana County.

“It was fraud. It was dozens of forms where people that were deceased or just forged flat out. They signed their name and it wasn’t even the voter, the wrong date of birth, wrong streets,” said Columbiana County Elections Director Adam Booth in mid-2016 when Hammonds originally plead not guilty, according to WFMJ.

Booth said Hammonds was caught because his office “take the precautions and double check to make sure that all the information matches up, from their first name, middle name, last name, to all the identifiers.”

At her sentencing, Brian Deckert, an associate assistant attorney general, said Hammonds was being paid at an hourly rate, and not per signature.

He said it was not “a situation where she had a quota system … I think it just may have come down to human laziness.”

“I just can’t overlook this. You attempted to violate the integrity of our election process in the county,” Judge C. Ashley Pike said at Hammonds’ sentencing.

“You made a mockery of our system … If 180 days (in the county jail) doesn’t teach you a lesson, nothing will.”




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