BREAKING : Liberal “Inauguration Day” Rioters Indicted by Grand Jury on FELONY CHARGES

Members of the Democrat terror group Antifa and other George Soros-backed violent liberal groups have been indicted by a Grand Jury on felony rioting charges.

The groups are being charged for inciting violence and causing mass disturbances, and destruction during President Trump’s inauguration


A grand jury in the Superior Court of D.C. returned a superseding indictment in the Inauguration Day felony rioting case Thursday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of D.C. reports.

The indictment adds additional charges and provides more details on the events that took place in the District on January 20.

Approximately 212 people face felony charges, which includes one count of inciting or urging a riot, one count of engaging in a riot, one count of conspiracy to riot and five counts of destruction of property, the indictment states.

Additional charges have been added to some of the defendants cases, including destruction of property involving damage to a limousine.

According to the indictment, 101 have been charged with a misdemeanor assault of an officer, one in a separate incident. Another person has been charged with three felony counts of an assault on an officer while armed.




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