BREAKING : Liberal Mayor de Blasio PROVEN WRONG – NYC and NJ Terror Attacks Connected to SAME BOMBER

Law enforcement sources are telling Fox News that the Seaside blast and Chelsea attack are from the same bomber.

The NY Post is reporting that the suspect is an “Arab-looking” male, who reportedly left a letter at the scene which was written partially in Arabic.

This latest information proves what a partisan hack de Blasio is.

Soon after the blast in Chelsea, de Blasio came out and said it was not a TERROR ATTACK.

Today he’s trying to backtrack, saying, “We must understand what motivation existed and why this was done and how this was done. Until we have that information, it is not fair for us to give the public a conclusion.”

Um, he was quick to give the public a “conclusion” on Saturday night.

He and his liberal pals couldn’t care less about TRUTH and the safety or wellbeing of the American people -all they care about is helping their sickly failing candidate – Hillary Clinton – who is crashing in the polls.

They know that news like this will help boost Trump because he has an actual PLAN in order to keep Americans safe by closing the borders, deporting criminals, and halting the influx of refugees.

This is why the liberals and the media are desperately trying to cover up any Islamic connection.


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