BREAKING : Michael Savage Warns Obama Plans to Use DHS Secretary / Islam Apologist Jeh Johnson to Steal the Election

Just yesterday we reported that DHS secretary Jeh Johnson, who has been openly anti-Trump told the Islamic Council of America in a special appearance “I’M WITH YOU”

The word is now OUT that Obama plans to have DHS oversee U.S. Elections and Michael Savage warns if Trump appears to be winning, his current plan is to use completely biased Jeh Johnson to steal the elections.

RickWells Reports

Michael Savage warns that the Democrats are making contingency plans for stealing the election if it looks like Trump is going to win. He expresses his feeling that it is appearing to be increasingly likely that Trump can pull it off, that he is rising in the polls as Clinton falls, and that she may not even make it to the finish line. 

He says, “Everyone that I know who’s really intelligent is sending emails all over the place saying looking like she’s going to collapse before the finish line. She’s like a horse that can’t get to the end. She’s also terrified of a real press conference, hasn’t had one in 272 days. She’s terrified of a real debate with Trump, because he’s a street fighter and she’s used to controlling the dialogue and the monologue.”

“The fact of the matter is,” says Savage, “He could pull this one off. And that’s why the snake in the White House is already lining it up so they can take over the voting booths. You see how this works?”

In the second clip he says, “Now this power-mad guy, Jeh Johnson of DHS, wants to takeover elections in the United States of America, with hardly a peep in the newspaper business. Not a peep, I haven’t seen anything.

He points to the disinformation campaign underway, saying, “What I love here is that they are vilifying Russia, making up a story that Russia is trying to hack into our voting booths in order to justify their power madness.” He compares it to the false flag of the Reichstag fire in Germany. He says, “It’s the same thing here in the Obama administration. They’re creating a false flag of Russia interfering with our voting machines to justify their madness, their power-madness. They must be stopped at all costs.”

“Every fair-minded American,” he says, “Must understand how corrupt and dangerous these evil men are.” He quotes a statement by the Connecticut Secretary of State that argues for election power to remain with the states. He reads her statement as verification that the federal government is engaged in a power grab in an attempt to steal the election.”

Savage believes this is just more of the same vilification of Putin, a made-up story to scare the American people into granting the hijacked feds the authority and access to control who appears to be the choice of the people and to appoint their own corrupt candidate, Hillary Clinton, as the next dictator.

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