BREAKING : Michigan Officially Moved from “Democrat” to “TOSS UP”

The Trump train is peaking at the perfect time.

Donald Trump is leading in most polls, and gaining in key BLUE states, like Michigan, where is now TIED with crooked Hillary.

Clinton is plagued by endless scandals, lies, and 2 criminal investigations.

The reopening of her email investigation after FBI officials discovered 650K emails on her top aide’s computer, and the FBI investigation into the scam Clinton Foundation.

We’re now learning that Hillary’s indictment is imminent – it’s just a matter of time.

Trump is using his campaign to talk about the issues that matter to Americans, like jobs, economy, and security.

While Hillary is fending off scandal and FBI questions, and throwing out wild conspiracy theories on Russia and the KGB.

Thanks to Trump’s focus and hard work Michigan is now out of the Democrat “pile” and is a “toss up.” 



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