BREAKING – New Hillary Investigation Just Announced…

As one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of our country, one thing regarding Hillary Clinton is inevitable. The scandals will continue, and a new one is on the horizon.

The Federal Elections Commission has been asked to investigate a series of undercover videos where unscrupulous Democrat operatives not only discuss how they are going to influence the election by manipulating the vote, but they boast about it as well,per This evidence was made public by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

The complaint itself was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which is dedicated to trying to “protect the right to vote, preserve the constitutional framework of elections, and educate the public on the issue of election integrity.”

Luckily, this investigation has already had some repercussions for certain individuals.

Two of the Democrat operatives who appeared on the videos have already lost their jobs including Scott Foval, who worked for the George Soros-backed People For The American Way and most recently Americans United For Change.

He appeared extremely unapologetic and smug in these videos.

“You know what?” he said rhetorically. “We’ve been busing people to deal with you f****ing a**es for fifty years, and it’s not going to stop now.”

Foval even admitted to something many have suspected for a long time. He said he and his agents have been causing chaos by causing disruptions at Trump protests. They are doing this by creating “conflict engagement…in the lines of Trump rallies.”

Bob Creamer, who is the founder and partner of Democracy Partners, is also out of work. Besides being notable as the husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), he is also largely credited by many as a mentor of sorts. Foval said it was Creamer who was responsible for many of the strategies he and his team held dear.

Although a number of media interviews had been set up after the release of the first video, the plans were ditched mysteriously. O’Keefe believes “fear of retaliation from a future Hillary Clinton administration” played a large role in the media hesitation. “Truth is dangerous,” O’Keefe said. “Especially when it challenges those in power.”

“In the nearly 48 hours since Project Veritas released a pair of undercover, hidden camera investigations exposing dirty tricks operations from groups affiliated with the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, the coverage from mainstream cable news and networks has been virtually nonexistent,” he wrote.

“In this second video, Democrat operatives are seen and heard potting outright voter fraud … you know, like rigging an election,” O’Keefe concluded. The apparent disdain for the law has left many disgusted including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who openly questioned why these allegations are not being investigated by the FBI. Of course, for the Clinton team, it’s just another day at the office.

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