BREAKING New Poll – Trump Gains With Women Since Release of “The Tape”

As a woman who supports Trump I can tell you that we “get it.”

We get the guy talk stuff – we hear it all the time, and most of the time we talk worse.

That’s not saying that what Trump said is “awesome” or that every woman is peachy-keen with it.


But we get it.

It was 11-damn-years ago – and he’s a billionaire – and of course he had his “playboy days.”

Again over a decade ago – are you the same today as you were a DECADE ago?

Of course not.

The latest LA Times poll proves what I am saying.

Women “get it.”

This is election is about TODAY.

Not 11-friggen-years-ago.

Trump’s numbers with women are going up.

Also, hat-tip to Hispanics too – he’s at 38% with Latinos.


Keep fighting.




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