BREAKING: Nikki Haley to Exit Presidential Race – Will NOT Endorse Trump!

Published March 6, 2024

Nikki Haley will suspend her campaign in a speech this morning.

This leaves President Trump as the lone major candidate remaining in the race.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Haley will deliver brief remarks in the Charleston area around 10 AM ET. This decision comes after her catastrophic failure on Super Tuesday, where she only won the state of Vermont thanks to Democrat votes.

CNN confirmed the Wall Street Journal’s reporting on Haley’s departure from the Presidential race.

Moreover, Haley will NOT endorse President Trump. She will instead demand Trump earn the support of the RINOS, Independents, and Democrats who backed her.

During a disasterous appearance on FOX and Friends yesterday, Haley said she had not heard Trump “pledge to me that he would support me if I won, so I don’t know why I have to go and pledge to him that I would support him.”

The Journal also notes Haley will emphasize in her interventionist foreign policies and old-line Republican policies on domestic issues.


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Published March 6, 2024

CNN  — Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will announce Wednesday that she is exiting the Republican presidential race, according to sources familiar with her plans, clearing the path for former President Donald Trump.

She is expected to deliver remarks in Charleston, South Carolina, at 10 a.m. ET, following a series of losses in GOP nominating contests on Super Tuesday.

Haley is not expected to endorse Trump, the sources familiar with her plans tell CNN. Instead, she will call on the former president to earn the support of voters who backed her. The plan appears to leave the room for her to endorse Trump ahead of the general election in November.

Haley, who was Trump’s US ambassador to the United Nations, was the last of a dozen major candidates the former president vanquished in a GOP primary that he dominated from start to finish — including winning 14 of the 15 GOP contests on Tuesday – even as he skipped the party’s debates and maintained a much lighter schedule of early-state travel than all of his rivals.

Haley had vowed to stay in the race through at least Super Tuesday. She had also begun sharpening her attacks on Trump, questioning his mental fitness and lumping him together with President Joe Biden, the likely Democratic nominee, as one of two “grumpy old men.”

But her home state of South Carolina served as her fourth straight loss in 2024 – including one to “none of these candidates” in the Nevada primary, where Trump wasn’t competing and there were no delegates at stake. (He opted to participate instead in the party-run caucuses, which awarded delegates.)



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