BREAKING : Over 40 Illegals Arrested For Trying to Vote in California

Reports are coming in that illegals are attempting to vote.

This is not surprising since IDIOT Obama told them to vote.

See that story here.

We’re now hearing rumors that over 40 illegals have been arrested trying to vote.

Make sure you stay vigilant and report anything you see that looks suspicious.

From Christian Times Newspaper:

According to election observers in California, ICE agents arrived at one polling location in Los Angeles County around 10:30 AM PST Tuesday morning after election officials caught a group of 7 illegal immigrants attempting to cast votes.  The officials were initially going to allow the men to cast provisional ballots, but a court-appointed Republican election observer asked officials to take another look.

After further review it was determined that two of the men were not only illegal immigrants, but they were also wanted on separate federal warrants.

ICE agents arrested the fraudulent voters, but it is unclear exactly where they are being detained.




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