BREAKING: Reporter Finds Clinton Tax Deducts Line Up Perfectly With 1 CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

Though the liberal media have intently focused their attention on the tax returns of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a recent report from The Daily Caller indicated that they might need to take a closer look at the returns of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, as there may be evidence of criminal activity in them.

A perusal of Clinton’s returns over the past several years revealed some remarkably coincidental tax deductions for computer maintenance expenses that roughly matched payments made to Bryan Pagliano, the IT specialist who set up and maintained Clinton’s private email server.

According to notes from the FBI’s investigation of the private server, Pagliano was paid $5,000 in 2009 for setting up the server, and was paid $8,350.83 in 2011 after upgrading the system.

Astonishingly, the Clintons deducted computer maintenance expenses of nearly the same amounts on their tax returns for those years.

While that in and of itself didn’t prove that the Clintons wrote off the expenses of their unauthorized and likely illegal private server, it can’t be ruled out either.

Personal expenses can’t be written off and deducted from taxes, only business expenses, which further muddied the waters as to whether the private email server was intended for personal or professional use.

Neither the Clintons nor Pagliano responded to questions regarding the tax deductions and payments for computer maintenance work.

The president of a government watchdog group was not surprised by the news, and suggested that this wasn’t the first time the Clintons had made questionable deductions from their taxes.

“The Clintons are no strangers to questionable tax deductions, going back to their Arkansas days,” declared Ken Boehm, president of the National Legal and Policy Center.

“It goes without saying that it is improper to take a tax deduction for a server or anything else which was used or maintained by the government,” he said. “The Clintons and their hired help have tied themselves in knots refusing to answer questions about the notorious server. That is not the conduct of anyone with nothing to hide.”

It would be nice if the mainstream media would take a moment to look into this revelation, but they are seemingly too busy fat-shaming Donald Trump for being slightly overweight, then slamming him for allegedly fat-shaming someone else.

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