BREAKING : Trump Re-Takes Lead in First Post-Debate National Poll With 6 Point Surge

MSM’s fake and fabricated abuse stories about Trump didn’t impress anyone.

Donald Trump was on fire at the second presidential debate. 

He won hands down against a rattled, tired, and sluggish Hillary who never seemed to find her stride.

Trump came out of the gate swinging and once he grabbed hold of Clinton, he never let go.

He hammered her on how she treated the women who her husband sexually abused and raped – shaming them, bullying and smearing their names all over town.

He also went after her for her criminal handling of classified emails, stating that when he’s elected he will appoint a special prosecutor to “Review her situation.”

The American public also agrees as Trump takes a YUGE lead in the first Rasmussen post-debate national poll!


See poll here.

Source: TruthFeed



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