BREAKING VIDEO : Trump is Right Again! Migrant Area of Stockholm is Literally on FIRE

A large migrant area of Stockholm has been torched and turned into a complete war zone by violent rioters.

Looks like Trump is right again…


Trump and Sweden – Sweden’s big Muslim problem

LINK IT, SHARE IT. PASS IT ON before the USA goes the way of Europe and is overrun by these parasites. Obama let a million in – that’s about a million more than we needed.

Although Trump may have misspoke about an incident in Sweden Friday night – President TRUMP was spot on calling attention to the fact that Sweden has major problems of violence and rape caused by their large muslim immigrant population.

It now appears that Trump’s comments about Sweden were inspired by a Fox News segment on random violence in that country allegedly committed by refugees, not by anything that actually happened on

Trump and The Truth about Sweden

Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida and remarked “look at what happened last night in Sweden”, which was met by immediate mockery. The Embassy of Sweden in the US even tweeted Trump saying they looked forward to informing him on Swedish immigration and integration policy.

Don’t bother. I’ll do a better job explaining that disaster than you ever could. Please share this video and make a fool out of the fake news media. Trump is not lying.

While the liberal mainstream media pretends President Trump’s comments about Sweden having problems with assimilating Islamic migrants is some form of “fake news” the truth is just the opposite.

Need more proof? Check out this flashback from last year, when a Swedish police officer had to warm Swedish Girls not to go out alone at night or they may risk getting raped.

From InformationLiberation

Swedish police have given up trying to protect Swedish women from the exponential rise of rapes and gang rapes by newly arrived Arab and North African migrants. Police Chief of Östersund, Stephen Jerand, advised all women to not go out after sunset because they are likely to be raped or “something more terrible”. He says the rapes the police investigate are especially violent and often lead to serious injury or the death of the victims. These incidents are not just limited to “bar environment”, he says, “but also to women traveling from or to work”.

Sweden is currently perusing a “no limit, open border” policy in regards to illegal immigration of young Muslim men from the poorest, most backward 3rd world nations on earth. Native Swedes are expected to become a minority in Sweden by 2040. They accept a sizable portion of their entire population of just under 9 million every year. The UN projects that they will be a 3rd world country by 2035, going from the top 10 of developed countries to the lower 40s in the human development ranking.


From AngryPatriot

Every Liberal should hear this story and learn from it. Just because you open your home to refugees, does not mean you’re protected from their crimes, in fact, it makes you more vulnerable.

One woman, in Germany, welcomed a Muslim migrant into her home, but woke up to find him raping her in the night. She managed to get away and run to her brother’s room, in the same home, and called the police. (via Mad World News)

The self-proclaimed feminist, who is 20-years-old, had joined an organization called “Refugees Welcome,” which pairs people who have a spare room with a refugee in need of a place to sleep, in various countries all over the world.

Soon after, her 26-year-old refugee roommate arrived. The victim says that he had tried to make advances on her the evening before the rape, October 25, 2015, but she had turned him down.

A judge sentenced the rapist to only a two-and-a-half-year jail sentence in June of 2016. But, the migrant’s lawyer demanded an acquittal, which resulted in a year being added to his sentence.

This is just too short. Neither will the rapist be deported after his prison sentence is completed. In three and a half-years he will be back on the streets in Germany to continue to inflict his crimes against other women.

The organization that connected the criminal with his victim is still defending refugees as a whole. They argue that sharing your home with a migrant is beneficial, the migrants learn the language, adjust to the country, and the host learns about another culture.

Yes, you’ll learn all about a culture where women are treated as second-class citizens. You’ll learn all about a culture where violence is the norm, and where people who aren’t of the culture are considered less than those who are.

Neither did the organization, Refugees Welcome, stand up for their assaulted member. Instead, they make excuses, saying, “This misbehavior does not, however, reflect the attitude of the vast majority of the refugees.”

This is what happens when the people of the left fight for the migrants to be welcomed into other countries.  This liberal woman thought she was fighting against “racism” but all she did was put herself in harm’s way, and her own people betrayed her.

There have been so many other crimes committed against women specifically by these migrants. Some have been attacked, violently raped or sodomized, or beaten to death. We cannot continue to subject people to the abuse of these men who believe this is all okay. It’s sick, disturbing, and it has no place in our country.


Sweden’s Million-Dollar Refugee Industry



100% Data Tampering

What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

Look at all these “Climate Agreements.” We continue to lose money, prosperity and freedom while the CO2 level continue to increase, when do we say enough??