British Climate Minister Boasts About Bypassing the US Federal Government

by Eric Worrall

A senior member of the British government has just boasted about bypassing the US Federal Government, and coordinating British government policy directly with US cities.

UK bypasses Donald Trump to discuss climate change with US city mayors directly

Claire Perry, the Climate Change Minister, says British Government is now speaking to ‘other players’ in US about how to fight global warming

Ian Johnston @montaukian Tuesday 25 July 2017 14:21 BST

The UK has started bypassing Donald Trump over climate change, talking directly to city mayors and other officials committed to trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the new Climate Change Minister has revealed.

Claire Perry, who was appointed to the post after the general election last month, said that British ministers had not “missed an opportunity” to tell the US President that they were disappointed he had decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, the news service Bloomberg reported.

She said she had been speaking to “other players” in the US, including the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, who visited the UK last week.

“The UK is ranked third in the world in tackling climate change,” she said.

“I think we need to exploit and take that leadership position because we can change the world doing this and we can also generate highly productive jobs.

“I look at this and see it’s the way the world is going, so it’s not just about British businesses, it’s about global mega-trends, so how do we seize that opportunity to decarbonise our own economy and help other countries.”

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In my opinion this British government initiative represents a crazy level of interference by a foreign power in US domestic politics. Imagine the outcry if the Trump administration started boasting about bypassing the British government, about coordinating US policy directly with British cities.


So they do not need the US government to solve a nonexistent problem ???


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