BUSTED! FOX NEWS REPORTER Caught Twisting Poll Numbers…Called Out By RNC Chairman Reince Priebus! [Video]

“Is anyone else sick to death of the bias on FOX News? The supposed ‘fair and balanced’ channel has shown its true colors lately. The hate for Trump is palpable…If you’ve been watching as much as we have, you see people like Shep Smith and others who editorialize like crazy against Trump.
FOX News, the supposedly ‘conservative channel’ is full of elitist reporters who continually bash and misrepresent Donald Trump. If they don’t have something nasty to say about Trump they won’t say it. On Friday morning Reince Priebus corrected reporter Melissa Francis after she misrepresented the poll numbers… something several FOX hosts are guilty of… This was great!” Read more and watch the video.  


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