Busted! Joe Biden Admits To Undercover Reporter That Clinton Is Guilty But Will Never See Jail Time

Joe Biden, king of the gaffe, the man who told a group of people that terrorists would absolutely “test the mettle” of Barry Obama, has done it again. This time, it’s not so innocent.

A reporter for a small local publication in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is going to break the story later today that while Creepy Uncle Joe was massaging her shoulders, thinking she was the twenty-something-year-old daughter of a major Democrat donor, he admitted that Hillary Clinton is a criminal conspirator and should face jail time.

According to the source, Biden said:

“Sure she’s guilty. She’s a politician. We’re all guilty of something.”

After being pressed on the issue and asked if he knew she would be indicted, Biden responded:

“It doesn’t matter. Go ahead and indict her. She’ll still win and we’ll make sure she has a presidential pardon before she takes office.”

Once the encounter was over, Biden returned to the main function hall and gave a speech about how honest and wonderful Hillary Clinton is and what an honor it will be to serve on her cabinet if asked, though he may have to turn down the opportunity if “the nasty little woman goes to jail.”

The room got what was supposedly a joke, laughed and paid their $33,000 checks.

Source: http://thelastlineofdefense.org/busted-joe-biden-admits-to-undercover-reporter-that-clinton-is-guilty-but-will-never-see-jail-time/



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