California Snowpack At 40 Year Highs…And Rising: Officials

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Authored by Rudy Blalock via Zero Hedge

Snowpack levels in California continue to increase, after reaching their highest level in 40 years, after weeks of storms in December and January.

But, water officials reported that with a dry forecast ahead, more is needed to escape the state’s three-year drought.

The Sierra Nevada snowpack, which is measured at Phillips Station near South Lake Tahoe, was measured at 205 percent of the historical average for the year on Feb. 1, following three of the wettest weeks California has had in years, according to officials.

It additionally has risen 20 percent more than when it was measured last month.

“Our snowpack is off to an incredible start. And it’s exactly what California needs to really help break from our ongoing drought,” said Sean de Guzman, manager of snow surveys and water supply forecasting with the California Department of Water Resources.

He noted, however, that some of the state’s largest reservoirs are still lacking water.

“We’ve seen an impressive increase in reservoir storage statewide, but there are still some of these larger reservoirs that are actually still below average,” he said.

According to Guzman, since Dec. 1, there has been an increase of 9-million-acre feet in reservoir storage.

“However, for every day that it doesn’t rain or snow, we gradually return to drier conditions,” he said.

The recent measurement was also a 137 percent increase compared to an average taken last April, which is considered the peak of the annual snowpack.

Full article via Zero Hedge


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