CASCADE MALL SHOOTER ID’d: Devout Muslim & Proud Supporter Of THIS Presidential Candidate

Five people were shot and killed on Friday in a brutal attack at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, north of Seattle.

The shooting took place Friday night at approximately 7:30 pm inside the Macy’s store at the mall, creating an atmosphere of fear and chaos.

Leftwing media reported the shooter as being a Hispanic man, but now the REAL truth comes out. The Muslim shooter’s name is Arcan Cetin, and he is from Turkey according to his Facebook page. Cetin was born in 1996, and lives in Oak Harbor, Washington. Below you will see social media posts from Cetin praising the leader of ISIS, and making reference to Allah.

Cetin apparently called police after the shooting. KIRO 7 reporter Gary Horcher tweeted this out.

Arcan Cetin’s Facebook page which shows he lists himself as originally coming from Turkey.


The shooter who killed 4 females and one male made reference to being a Hillary supporter Tweeting this out last year.


Cetin also follows the ultra-liberal TV show, “The Young Turks.”

Cetin’s Tumblr page (which is named “arcanmotherrussiavodkaak47”) contained a post with the word SubhanAllah which in Arabic means “Glory be to God.” Cetin asked his followers to “reblog” his post to see how many people would recite the phrase.


Arcan Cetin also posted a comment on a picture of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that another Tumblr user had posted. The user who posted the picture goes by the name of “meowfraulein.” Strangely, Cetin’s picture is on the account. Cetin’s comment was, “My main dude, Abu Bakr al big daddy.” Now we know he supported terrorists.


Given the very “normal” posts on Cetin’s Facebook page, and his Twitter (no mention of Islam, etc.), it’s possible Cetin was practicing “Taqiyya,” where Muslims are allowed to lie to non-believers. A companion of Muhammad’s, Abu Ad-Darda, described Taqiyya in this way“we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

Cetin’s mother (or grandmother) is seen in several pictures on Facebook wearing a traditional Muslim head scarf.



Figures this pos is a Muslim and a Hillary supporter. Too bad liberal run Washington won’t give him the death penalty!

MSM wants to lie to cover up the heinous attack on civilians and say the shooter was a Hispanic in order to cover for Obama and Muslims. I’d say every media outlet owes Hispanics an apology! Enough of the cover-ups. We need to shred lying leftwing media and expose their terrorist loving asses.

Source: Freedom Daily


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