Celebrities And Media Melt Down Over ‘Cruelly Regressive’ Brett Kavanaugh

By Corinne Weaver ~

Hollywood stars and the liberal media had a very mature reaction to President Trump’s announcement — they whined. A lot. Some even called for protests.

After Trump announced U.S. circuit court judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the Supreme Court’s vacant seat on July 9, liberals turned into children at a daycare in need of a nap and bottle.

Actor Rob “Meathead” Reiner tweeted, “Trump, who is now under investigation for obstruction of justice and conspiring with an enemy to destroy Democracy, has selected the judges who could rule on whether he can be forced to testify, be indicted or pardon himself. Autocracy here we come.”

Rolling Stone editor Jamil Smith tweeted, “Brett Kavanaugh shares many of the cruelly regressive positions of the president who nominated him. Opposes reproductive choice, environmental regulation, and the @CFPB. Kavanaugh also opposes indicting a sitting president. Trump is not being subtle here.”

MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted, that “Kavanaugh is a serious and immediate threat to civil rights, women’s rights, labor rights and LGBTQ rights.”

Meanwhile, Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane tweeted: ”A big win for the Blessed Sacrament Catholic mafia in DC, tipping the balance decidedly over the St. Peter Catholic mafia. CC: @KevinMaddenDC @hillhulse.”  Once again, the media has reverted to 16th century rhetoric: the papists are revolting. Or perhaps it was merely from the 1850s Know Nothings.

Actress Alyssa Milano typified liberal objections to the nominee and called Kavanagh the “trifecta of terrible” because of his stance on immigration, health care, and abortion.

Comedian Andy Richter, best known for being on Conan, was so upset he needed to complain in all caps: “WHY DOES ANY ONE TALK ABOUT THIS PRESIDENT AS IF THE FACT THAT HE’S CARRYING OUT A PUTIN-ASSIGNED CHORE LIST ISN’T AS OBVIOUS AS THE BLUENESS OF THE CLEAR SKY?”

Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards called for protests: “The balance of the Supreme Court is at stake. We cannot allow it to be tilted against the constitutional right to abortion. The rights and health of generations of people are at stake. We cannot go back. #scotuspick.”

University of California Berkeley chancellor and former Clinton Labor secretary Robert Reich tweeted, “Kavanaugh’s nomination is a huge win for corporations and the GOP’s donor class — the culmination of decades of corporate efforts to stack the courts in their favor. We must make a ruckus to block his nomination.”

Ref.: https://papundits.wordpress.com/2018/07/10/celebrities-and-media-melt-down-over-cruelly-regressive-brett-kavanaugh/


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