Censorship in USA if Discussing 300 Year Rain Cycles and Strange Stratosphere Winds (224)

With the new Rasmussen report coming out a FIRM 15% and wishy-washy 16% of Americans want to have your debate of the climate changing form causes other than CO2 banned and you investigated. They don’t want you talking about changes in the stratospheric winds, all time record rains in Australia following 300 year cycles or temperature shifts over hundreds of years, not decades.

IPCC (try to) control “climate science” – That is United Nations.

The control of the internet might be transferred to ICANN – That is also .. United Nations. (UN Could Take Over ICANN, and the Internet, Oct. 1

United Nations are controlled by the progressive, “green” left. Main Stream Media is controlled by the progressive left. How is real science, facts and honesty doing in the main stream media or the IPCC these days? How will science, facts and honesty be doing in the future when the progressive left also controls the internet?

Bye bye free speech, science, facts and honesty ..

Source: Larsen

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